Wicked Bummed!!

Weigh-in day today... dun dun dun... yeah. I gained .2lbs :(

Now one of my BFFs tried cheering me up by saying that's pretty much what I would have lost if I peed, and that I maintained which is still an accomplishment.

I get it. I do. I maintained... even after a HUGE chip binge Friday night with cowboy food, cookies and a few Miller Lite Ultra Cider's, BUT I also tracked EVERYTHING and I upped my workouts by a LOT.

It's just frustrating. I would have been happy if it had been -.2 even though it's the same thing... not much of a change.

Henry told me to be happy cuz last week was pretty much a gift. I have no idea how I lost 5.8lbs in my first week. NO idea what so ever. So I guess that i should still be happy that I'm down 5.6lbs after 2wks. I'm reassessing and making some more changes. I think I'm going to start painting the hallway again. It's something that needs to get done and I think that the up/down on the ladder will help a little. Besides my mom and Frank are on vacation and although some people don't think they'll even notice, I think it would be nice to have them come home to refreshing color on the walls of the drab hallway ;)

OK - Now, I have to figure out which green I want to use!! hehe


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