Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been having some issues with injuries lately. Elizabeth and I signed up for a 5K on July 17th. I was excited and terrified.

I HATE hills!!

There was a big hill in the middle of this race.

We started the run strong. We ran up the hill, and then we ran DOWN the hill... it was much bigger running down. I felt great!

The rest was flat and easy going. We were going to finish in 30mins or less!

We were a little under 20mins at the 2 mile and that was WITH the HILL... then...

I stepped down and felt my calf cramp up. I couldn't put my heel down!

It was a balled mess :(

Elizabeth ended up finishing on her own and I got to walk the rest. I didn't want. I cried a lot. I was so frustrated... annoyed... bummed... ANGRY!!

So I gave it a week's "rest".

We did some trail hikes and swam in the pond while we were camping, but no running. So Monday when we got back. We headed out to the same route... I was going to finish this time!

NOPE!!! WTF??!?! My other calf cramped up and I was in pain AGAIN... seriously??!

We tried to run again yesterday and my leg was NOT going to let that happen.

So this challenge is seriously becoming  a CHALLENGE and I'm the reason we are so far off our goal. Between gall bladder surgery/recovery and these stupid injuries, we've already lost almost 5.5wks!

Anyway, I am resting the area... feeling like crap and mentally preparing to seriously crush some pavement as soon as I feel better. Even if that means a short run in the morning and then a slightly longer run in the pm... we will finish this!

We started a goal of running the half marathon... and nothing is going to stop that!

So, wish us luck and watch us go. This isn't the end.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The 99/100 Challenge! Still Going Strong!

We have been busy, but staying strong as far as our mileage. I have to say... Elizabeth is one strong Chick!  We went out for a run yesterday, knowing that we have a 5K on Sunday. That meant that no long run today or tomorrow, so she decided we were kicking ass. I totally agreed and mapped out a run that was 3.7miles. Hell, it's longer than we've ever done, so I figured "Why not".

Well... she knows we can do better.

I get paid lots of money to push other people through their potential. Pushing them past the hurt, and the whining, but I can't seem to make myself work that hard. BUMMER!!

BUT - I have Elizabeth :)  Yeah, we were running my "mapped route" and then she kicked it's ass to the curb and made us keep running! We ran 4.6miles (she ran 4.67 miles) Yes, I'll admit. I wimped out. I didn't know when we were going to finish and I thought I couldn't make it and I gave up. WHY!??! I have no idea.

I think too much!!

I totally had it in me. How do I know?? Because after we run, we always do a "Dunbar Dash". Basically, we walk back to the street we start at and run the .13 miles to the house. I was almost sprinting! That makes me so sad :(  

Why did I stop myself??

Why can't I push myself??

It makes me sad.

So for now, I am just going to run however long Elizabeth tells me I have to keep running and I'm not going to stop. We have that 5K on Sunday and the hill in the middle scares the crap out me, but we're going to do it! We are going to be strong and we are going to finish it.

I can't wait!!

Thanks Elizabeth!! I couldn't do this without you :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know I've been awful about posting, so I figured I would write an update regarding our progress on the Summer 99/100 Run Challenge. We had started running again a couple weeks back and we were both VERY sore... and tired... and well, it was hot and we used it as an excuse... ok! lol

So this week we decided we can't do that anymore because, well, it's summer! It's going to continue to be hot and get even hotter, so the running commenced. We have run for the past 2 days... 3.12 miles on Tuesday and then the longest, hottest, most miserable 2.5 miles EVER yesterday. Actually, we were told by 3 individuals throughout our run that "we were crazy", "we were insane", and "it's too hot to run". I totally agreed with each one of them, but Elizabeth (my super motivator) kept saying, "Hey, how about instead you give us a cheer or something??" To which, they looked at us unamused.

BUT there was one set of ladies walking a dog who called us "Troopers". That was kind of cool :)

I did learn some lessons...
1. NEVER ever ever run without my mp3 player... it's miserable to run without music!!
2. NEVER ever ever ever run when it's so hot you can feel the pavement through your sneakers and socks, and think your skins burning off your body.
3. ALWAYS hydrate very well... especially when running in previously stated circumstances... lol
4. Finally, no matter how bad a run is... walking directly into a pool immediately after makes everything OK!

So that's what I learned yesterday. We are almost a quarter of the way done or challenge, which sounds awful since we only have half the summer left BUT we lost about 4wks between post surgery and our little running avoidance week. When you look at it that way, this is going to be cake!

We actually signed up for a 5K this Sunday AND we plotted out a 5 mile route to do soon :)  If we can do it, so can you!! It's not too late... OR you can help us raise some money for The Shepard's Pantry by clicking the "donate" button on the upper left of the blog!

 I am off to complete another item on our summer list!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm freaking running again!!!

I was cleared this week!!! YAY!!!

So Elizabeth and I kick started our return to the 99/100 Summer Run Challenge and we've run a little over 5 miles in the past 2 days back. Woohoo...

Here is today's run:

Can I just say... my legs are killing me!! 3wks off kicked my ass... ugh! But we started again. We didn't give up :)  I would totally tell you the Cadence that Elizabeth came up with except, I cannot remember for the life of me what it was. It was AWESOME, I remember that much.

So excited! We're running again... oh, and I'm eating healthier again. Feeling so much better, now hopefully the pounds will start dropping again. Hey, at least I have an entire year before I have to look cute in my bridesmaid dress :)