Friday, November 30, 2012

On the run...

Almost :)

I went for my follow-up Monday morning with the neurosurgeon. It was actually rather humorous. He said, "So, how have you been feeling?" I told him that with the limited movement I had been allowed, it felt good, but I wasn't sure how it would feel if I did normal stuff. I also told him that I felt like I NEEDED to move and STRETCH!!

He kind of chuckled and said that I shouldn't be limiting myself because I won't improve!! WTH?!?

I was TOLD that the nurse practitioner is a more conservative in her treatments, BUT I shouldn't have any risk of reherniation during normal activity that doesn't cause pain.

I was cloud nine when I left. I had already made an appointment with Dr. Brian to get my first adjustment since August. It felt soooo good!!! Then, I headed back to kenpo class that night. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to puke. I looked at the speedometer on the way to the studio and realized that I was going almost 10 mph UNDER the speed limit.

To be honest, I was terrified!!

Think about it... I hadn't done anything in 3.5 months and here I was mere hours from being cleared and walking into the mats. Other than kicks and footwork, the return has gone smoothly. I've done 4 kenpo classes this week and survived!!!

It was kind of nice that another one of the students returned that same night after 6 months away due to open heart surgery. He was great... Such a motivator :)

I haven't had any back pain. I have had some pretty strange feelings in my foot. I have totally lost my sense of balance. We were doing footwork and I felt like a toddler learning to walk. Talk about feeling out of my comfort zone.

But, the BEST part happened today. I was able to coach again!!!

I got to fill in today as the throwing coach for the school. I got to do some shotput drills, work on form, and run them through some lifts. It felt sooo good!! Did I mention that I got my ankle taped so that I didn't kill myself trying to do the glide, hops, drills, etc. lol

Anyway, when I got home, I also went out and did some grocery shopping... Now I'm exhausted and I have to coach again tomorrow morning. I'm not going to whine... I LOVE doing this!!! It's so much fun. Yes, I'm a geek!!

 I don't care. I'm getting better. I'm trying to get back to normal. I will get back to normal, but until then... I wont give up.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Uh oh...

When I was on meds, I didn't have an appetite at all. It was AWESOME!! lol.

Without even trying I lost almost 11lbs, but then I stopped taking them...


I got on the scale this morning and saw a very scary number.

I seem to have found almost 10 of that 11lbs. I think I big part of it today was water weight, but seriously, I know that I've found at least 5 permanent pounds. Going to start tracking and working out again :)

Monday is my follow-up with the neurosurgeon and I'm hoping he lets me start doing more stuff.

**fingers crossed**

Anyway, for now, I'm just grateful that we have the food that I keep stuffing in my face and the ability to move, even if it's limited. I'm grateful that I have an amazing hubby, who thinks I'm his little "goddess" even with my "curves" and that my children are comfortable and confident in their own skin.

I had a great Thanksgiving with family :) I hope that you have "enough" this holiday season!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time flies

Wow... So I can't believe that I haven't posted in almost a month. I'm not sure if anyone if even reading this anymore.

I just re-read some of the stuff I wrote over the past few months and... Ummm... Hmmm. I will recommend that no one EVER should blog while medicated. Yup, that's my professional opinion.

But, now I'm good.

I'm getting stronger, still very limited, but normal day to day stuff doesn't hurt!! Woohoo :) I would be lying if I told you that I was avoiding all bending, twisting and lifting. This isn't because I've been pushing it, or trying to over do it. Have you ever tried going about your day without moving your lower back?!?! It's pretty easy to do when it hurts, but once you feel good, you forget.

A couple of weeks ago, I was even involved in a car accident. Someone turned out onto the street I was driving, right into my passenger side bumper...Seriously?!?!

The driver drove off, which really sucked, and I was livid! The poor cop who showed up took the brunt of my madness... Sorry officer :(  He asked if I got the license plate number... Nope. Make and model of the car... Nope. Names of witnesses...ummm.... No!!!

Then the fun question. "Were you injured?"
Me: I don't know! Do you think it's bad that I had back surgery 4wks ago??
Officer: Oh, that's not good :( Do you think you need to be checked?
Me: nah, I have some muscle relaxers I can take when I get home. Thanks
Officer: oh, that's good, at least.

Now, because he drove away, even though I was in the middle of the main road. Even though the housing authority got his car on video. Even though there were witnesses... I'm still stuck with the deductible. Wtf?!! Why would ANYONE stop then??

Well, I get to go to my follow-up with the neurosurgeon Monday. I can't wait!!! I'm so excited. I'm nervous too though. I just want him to say that I can work hard and not have to worry about reinjury. Say a little prayer for me... Ok :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The past few weeks have been tough... Mentally.

I haven't felt like posting.

I mean,does anyone really want to read about a downward spiral?

After my follow up with neuro, I was recommended to go to physical therapy as a way to give me an outlet. I didn't want to go to the Spine program because the issues I'm having at this point actually have nothing to do with the original "spine injury". I'm dealing with getting strength and function back to my foot, ankle and lower leg. So I chose a physical therapist that I truly respect and admire.

I went to my physical therapy appointment on the 24th... 15 days after surgery. He was impressed that I was so functional and thought that I should probably have more apprehension than I do with movement. He was a little... Concerned, I think, that I was back at work already. I decided not to tell him that I'd been pitching for the whiffle ball games in class already too.

I was obeying all of the rules I was given... No bending, twisting, running,or jumping. No lifting more than 30lbs. I just tell the class that pretty much I'm a pitching machine and won't field the ball at all. We use foam balls with tape instead of the big plastic balls everyone pictures so if the ball gets it at me, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't hurt. I don't even really flinch.

At this point, I'm finally off all the meds and unless I do a lot of walking... Or, as I found out Friday, sit on the cold bleachers to watch a football game, I typically have a pretty normal walking gait. My foot and ankle still get tired and that's where I have pain, if any. Friday, my back was killing me because it felt like the entire thing was spasming after sitting for the halftime that we watched. I told Henry we needed to go home and the kids had their fill, so there were no arguments.

 I'm currently working on building up my strength, balance, and endurance. I'm looking forward to "being normal" again. I NEED to start working out soon. At least this is giving me something to focus on... 3.5wks down... 4 wks left til my next follow-up. If I get told that there's another delay, I might just snap though. Wish me luck!!