Uh oh...

When I was on meds, I didn't have an appetite at all. It was AWESOME!! lol.

Without even trying I lost almost 11lbs, but then I stopped taking them...


I got on the scale this morning and saw a very scary number.

I seem to have found almost 10 of that 11lbs. I think I big part of it today was water weight, but seriously, I know that I've found at least 5 permanent pounds. Going to start tracking and working out again :)

Monday is my follow-up with the neurosurgeon and I'm hoping he lets me start doing more stuff.

**fingers crossed**

Anyway, for now, I'm just grateful that we have the food that I keep stuffing in my face and the ability to move, even if it's limited. I'm grateful that I have an amazing hubby, who thinks I'm his little "goddess" even with my "curves" and that my children are comfortable and confident in their own skin.

I had a great Thanksgiving with family :) I hope that you have "enough" this holiday season!


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