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Prepping for the week

Each week starts the same. The alarm goes off at 7:00 Sunday morning. We get showered and dressed and I blow dry my hair because there's no way I'm getting onto the scale with water weight. lol... We stop at Honey Dew and grab our coffees, but no sips can be taken until after the scale. We sit at our meeting for Weight Watchers and catch up with friends, talk about our struggles, learn some new tips, tricks or suggestions, and get inspired for our week.

We head home, usually after chatting some more with our friends in the parking lot, and have breakfast. Typically, we head to church, but this summer has been... ummm, not typical. After mass, we drop off the kids, get our bags and head to the grocery store.

This part is the most important! If you don't have the foods you need to stay in check, you will either eat the junk, go out to eat more than you should, or skip meals. None of that ends well. I've learned that the choices you make at the grocery store can make or b…

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