Getting Ready

In two days we head out for South Carolina. I can say this with a feeling of security because we have a dog/house sitter that stays here AND I don't think anyone is actually reading this... I have to work on that!

I have been searching Pinterest for ideas and feel pretty confident in my gut instincts. My mom made the kids each a seat back activity holder. We also invested in the portable DVD players for the back of the seats. I will be buying items for snacks and I will have the kids help me prepare that stuff. Yesterday, a friend and I went to the outlets to buy any clothing items necessary to get the kiddos through the summer comfortably!

While at the outlets I stopped into Maidenform... And got a fitting. It was NOT what I expected and I ended up leaving with 4 bras that were, ummm, larger than I had been wearing. Between that little visit, the way my clothes have been feeling and that fear of getting onto the scale, I know it's time to go back to Weight Watchers.

I've been going on and off for almost 9yrs and know that the people don't judge (at least not openly), but I'm embarrassed to walk in and step on that scale. I KNOW I'm bigger than I have been in over 8yrs and it makes me really sad. But, what better reason to say wtf have I been doing??? Right.

Ok... I have 20 mins before I have to get moving and productive. Wish me luck!!


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