Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feeling like a slug

Today marks day 3 of the pain killer/muscle relaxer regiment.


I'm still pretty confident that this is just a muscular thing. I only have pain when the meds run out because I've forgotten to take them during the day. Yesterday, I forgot to take one that you are supposed to have food with... yeah, not good!

I ran upstairs between classes, grabbed the tablet and chugged some water. Then I headed back down to the next class. Since this is the first week of school, we are still assigning lockers and giving out combinations. I was feeling fine... until I wasn't...

I all of a sudden got really, really hot. My head felt light. My ears started to feel almost blocked and my eyes started to twitch a little. It felt like the world was closing in. I started to lean against the lockers and continued what I was doing.

After giving the last student her locker information and helping another figure out how to open her's, I went into my office and started to chow down on some goldfish crackers. I thought I was feeling better so I headed back to the gym.

I realized almost immediately that I was probably going to drop. I saw one of my fellow teachers (there are 7 of us... yeah, it's a big school) and I told him I wasn't feeling very well. He jokingly said, "You gonna pass out". I said, "Yeah".

So I went back upstairs.

The pressure was building in my ears, the world was spinning and I was really nauseous. I knew I had to eat SOMETHING!! I grabbed the Chobani yogurt out of the fridge and after the first bite, I thought it was coming back... how the hell was I going to make it through this with some dignity??

I ate the yogurt and sat down with my head on the desk. Thank God it's only the first week and we aren't actually doing the curriculum yet. I almost feel asleep!

I was finally feeling better about an hour later and had to take the painkillers - over an hour late. I was sore. I just wanted to go home! I left school at the end of the day, picked up the kids and headed home. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my husband lately?? He's the best!

He won't let me do laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, or pretty much anything else. He's been watching the kids and letting me sleep... which he suggested I do :) I felt a lot better when I woke up and he even had dinner ready! A steak with some greek style risotto and broccoli. Very cool! Very yummy!!

I have 10 more days left of the meds and can't wait to get back to Kenpo and MMA. Hopefully the back pain will be gone and won't return as long as I continue with my stretches, foam roller, hydration, and proper nutrition.

Anyway, at this point, this is what my bedside table looks like... yeah, I'm hurting :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I guess I'm actually injured

Have you ever seen the movie, "The Program"?

The Coach is asking a player who was just hit pretty hard and on the ground struggling to get up...
"Are you injured or are you hurt?" 
The player offers only a quizzical look in response. 
The coach then states in a cool demeanor: 
"Well, if you're injured, I cannot let you go back in, but if you are hurt you can play."

I've been hurting for a while now. Actually, the more I think about it, I've been in some sort of discomfort for over a month. But yesterday I finally went to the doctor.

Have I mentioned that I HATE going to the doctor? It's borderline fear for some reason. I'm terrified that they will tell me I can't do something. 

This time I was terrified that I was going to need to take time out... of karate, work, life, whatever. I just didn't want to miss anything. 

I was at the point that even sleeping hurt. I woke up anytime I moved and it was difficult to put weight down onto my right foot because of the pain in my back. I was still doing the MMA fitness and Kenpo and I had stopped running. It wasn't getting better. 

I was stretching, using the foam roller, taking advil, avoiding excessive training and it was still getting worse. So after 2 adjustments at the chiropractor and a 1hr massage that almost resulted in me being stuck on the table, I decided I should probably get checked out. 

I walked in told the doctor my whole story...

"So it's been bothering me for a while. The pain was originally in the Quadratus Lumborum, then my glutes were tight. I started foam rolling and remembered that my IT band and hip flexors have always been issue."

She was listening intently. 

I continued...
"So then it moved to the lumbar and sacral regions and this weekend I was having a burning pain in my thigh".

The funny thing is, I've been doing the tests myself. The nerve tension tests, the whole, when does it hurt? Comparing my range of motion. If I was one of my athletes, I would have been seen WEEKS ago. 

Instead, I waited until now. The first day of school and I wasn't missing any time. 

She somehow managed to talk me into filling all of the recommended prescriptions... 4 of them actually! 

I said I wasn't going to take the valium unless it was night time. Yup, that lasted a full 7hrs of sunshine. I also said i wasn't going to take the Tramadol, which is a pain reliever. Took that this morning after not being able to stand up straight upon waking. I had to take the prednisone 6times today too. 

I'm absolutely exhausted but can't wait to finally SLEEP!!! I'm almost completely painfree right for the first time in over a month and I'm taking advantage of it to rest. 

Hoping to be back to karate soon. If everything is good and this is just a muscular thing, I will be set to start low impact stuff in like 2wks. Otherwise, I need to get an MRI. Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know, I know. I said that I would get right back on the wagon on Monday.

THEN Monday came and it was Phoebe's birthday. Do you know where she wanted to eat?? Red Robin again. YUP! This is one of my favorite places ever and just last week I brought the kids there (it's about 20mins away, so we never go) and I avoided the fries, the onion rings, the burgers... hell, I didn't even eat the damn bread!!

So Monday, I had the Burnin' Love Burger. I was thinking how I could slim it down, but decided that I would get it the way it is, but with the spicy mayo on the side and then just eat half.

Uh huh... that was the plan.

Well, I ended up eating the whole thing, along with some fries. I was stuffed! Why the hell did I do that??

So instead, I ended up getting back on track yesterday. I stayed within my daily points and today has been a good day too.

Unfortunately, yesterday was not a good day for my back. I couldn't get it to feel better, so I didn't end up working out. Today, I woke up and couldn't walk. Actually, I had a VERY difficult time standing on one foot so I could get my shorts on before leaving my bedroom when I woke up. The pressure on my hip was INSANE!

I realized when I sat down that the pressure of the edge of the chair was causing a numbing pain down my leg... Hmmm... oh yeah... 6 yrs figuring out other people's injuries and it takes me 2 days to realize that it's not my back I need to stretch, but rather, my hamstrings and butt!! Way to go, Brainiac!

So I got the heat pack out and did some low back, butt, hamstring, and IT band stretches. I don't feel great, but at least now I can walk, sit, and even bend! I won't be going to MMA fitness tonight, but I think I will do an elliptical workout. All I really want to do it start running again!

I want to sign up for the Spooner 10K. I've never run that far in a race. Heck, I've never just RUN that far, period! Last summer when Elizabeth and I ran, we did a walk/run thing. Not that that's a bad thing. I REALLY want to run the New Bedford 1/2 Marathon this year, actually. I'm usually the medical personal for Water Station #6, but I want to run. I want to finish!!

This means that I have to really start behaving with the food. Kicking up my game with my workouts and just plain, staying active!

Today is a pool day so I'm hoping to "hang out" in the deep end and get some relief from the pain. Tomorrow is Kenpo and I should be getting my yellow belt! At least, I hope I'm getting my yellow belt. I wasn't totally on par Monday... ugh! I was starting to get sore.

Anyway, do you have any fitness goals for this year, this month, or whatever??

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Off!!

For the past few weeks, I've tracked everything that I've consumed, hoping that the weight will continue to drop. It has and I've been happy, but this weekend Hubby and I were able to escape!

We dropped the kids and dog off at a friends house and drove only about 35mins to a B&B. It was perfect! We stayed at the Edgewood Manor Inn. It was great! The owner and his friend welcomed us even though we were about 2hrs early... ok, so we were excited about our night away :)

We were brought up to our room on the 3rd floor. It was the Empire Room. The 2person jacuzzi was half the size of Phoebe's room, I swear... and about 3 ft deep! heehee... yeah, I liked it :)

We changed and headed to dinner at Gracie's in Providence, RI. I love food. I mean, I know people say this, but I really, really love food. The menu is amazing and everything looks so good, it's almost impossible to decide what you want to try. Sooo... we decided why choose.

We ordered the 5 course chef's tasting menu with a wine pairing.

I have to say that THIS is the happiest place on earth. The only thing that would have made it better is if we had chosen the 7 course tasting menu :)

Everything was so delicious. The chef sent out and amuse bouche as we were drinking our pre-meal cocktails and starting to try one of the 4 house-made breads. Then the courses and wines started. I was going to take pics, but then I forgot because the food was just calling to be eaten.

I think I would have stayed way below my points if I had avoided the 3-4pieces of bread I inhaled... but it was soo good. I have no regrets, even if I gain weight this week. It was completely worth it. Hey, life happens. Today we had a 3course breakfast, including a fruit cup, blueberry muffin, cinnamon apple cake, and scrambles eggs florentine.

On the way home, we stopped to get lunch at a restaurant we'd been eyeing for a while, but we usually have the kids with us. It just so happened that they had a brunch set up with ALL of the fixings! Crab stuffed sole, chicken marsala, prime rib and ham. Then a pasta station, omelette station, soup and salad station, dessert station, AND bacon, sausage french toast, etc...

I was good, but after everything else, this probably wasn't the best idea. My evening hasn't been so good either. I mean, I had a damn ice cream cone for dinner!

Anyway, it's all out of my system. I'm ready to get back on track tomorrow, with the hopes that maybe it would help jump start my system. Either way, live, learn and move on. I will NOT be derailed by one weekend of pure food bliss :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Motivation at it's best...

I wasn't able to make it to the weigh-in yesterday :( I had to do the conditioning with the football team and when it was time to leave the skies opened up... not good.

Especially not good with 4 kids! 5,6,7 and 8yrs old. We were all soaked to the core. Now, I wear the lightest clothes possible, dry my hair, take off my shoes AND pee before I get on the scale every week. There was no way in hell I was getting on the scale dripping!!

I think I will be going to the meeting on Saturday. I hate that meeting, but I need to go since I won't be able to go on Sunday.

I'm not a fan of the leader :( If you've ever been to WW meeting, the leader totally makes or breaks it. Each one has their own way of doing it. The lady on Saturday drives me insane... her voice kind of cuts me. That's awful, right? Oh well... I need to weigh-in. It's actually kind of good because Saturday night I get to out with my hubby! Yay!!

The scale is showing me what I want to see this week, but I'm going to keep going. I'm NOT going to get frustrated!! I want to go downstairs and workout, but with the extra kiddos, I don't trust leaving for that long. Maybe I'll challenge them all to a Dance Off!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ooohhh the pain..

For the last couple of weeks I've been having some serious back pain. I went to one of my good friends, who is a chiropractor, to try to get some relief. It helped a little, but every time I workout I'm in pain.

The other day when we were done with MMA class, we were stretching and I could NOT get into the Cobra position. I just couldn't arch my back... it hurt too much! I couldn't understand how I could make it through this ridiculously insane workout, but I couldn't survive the stretch. I mean, I do actually know why.

It's because the muscles contracting and spasming actually help secure the injured area. It's only when you relax that the pain occurs. It's actually pretty common. BUT... that only makes sense when it happens to one of my athletes. Not me!

So I went and got an adjustment. I felt a little better and then I jogged. It made the pain come back full scale. I think it was also exacerbated by wearing my damn sling pack for the football camp. I have to get a NEW one... again! I couldn't wear the fanny or hip pack because it caused pain, and now the sling pack is bothering me. I need to find a backpack or something.

Anyway, yesterday I did an elliptical-treadmill cross training workout. I still had issues!! Damn... so today I decided to do a full elliptical workout. Then I was able to meet a friend and treaded water for a while. Its the end of the day and NO back pain!! We'll see how long this lasts.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I'm a little nervous. I really, really want to get under 175. It's completely doable... I think.

Holding my breathe!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Healthy Cookout!!

I didn't think to take pictures yesterday, but OMG, we had some awesome food!!

We have been so busy this summer that we have only had one cookout for our little family of 4, never mind a cookout with our friends. So we decided to remedy this yesterday.

The funny thing is, most of our friends are watching what they eat, as well. And the others don't care what we eat as long as it tastes great. Well, that's not a big problem, especially with a chef in the house. I went grocery shopping Saturday and decided to incorporate some seafood into the mix, along with the usual hot dogs, burgers, etc.

This was our menu:

Jumbo Shrimp with Pampered Chef Thai Red Curry Rub
Cod fillets with pear tomatoes and Pampered Chef Citrus and Basil Rub
(both of these had a very small amount of butter added and then were wrapped in foil packets to steam on the grill)
8 oz lean Sirloin Steaks - I was able to split one with 2 other friends so we could sample everything :)
Roasted Potatoes with "Secret Weapon" seasoning that Hubby created for our homefries when we owed a breakfast restaurant and a drizzle of oil to make it stick.
Fruit Salad - watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes
Corn on the Cob steamed in their husks on the grill

Friends brought:
Stuffed Mushrooms - soooo yummy
Three Bean Salad

And the typical cookout necessities:
Hot Dogs
Bacon Burgers - yes, there is bacon ground into the ground beef. These rock!

Dessert was a Trifle made with Angel Food Cake ripped up (only about 2/3 of the cake), 1 1/2 pints of strawberries topped with 2Tbsp of sugar to break them down, and 1 1/2 tubs of fat free cool whip. This filled the entire trifle bowl and we had 5oz bowls to serve it in, which helped with portions.

Everything was absolutely amazing! I had seltzer water to drink and didn't touch the typical stuff at all, so I was able to enjoy all of the food without any guilt! I mean seriously, the steak, fish and shrimp together "cost" me the same points as one burger and bun would have wasted.

I didn't feel like I was skimping at all and everyone enjoyed the food!! Hubby and I have both lost about 7lbs since being back from vacation. I am hoping to lose at least another 2-3lbs this week. Fingers crossed!!

Last week was 2lbs and that brought me to 7.6lbs down in 3weeks. I was at 177.8 last Wednesday, and I would LOVE to skip 175 completely. I guess that means I need to head downstairs and visit my treadmill. I have been a serious slacker this weekend, only earning 3 activity points total in 2 days. oooppss!!

Hmmm... what to make for dinner tonight?? Probably going to eat some steak and potatoes that were left over from yesterday :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something super yummy!

The past week has been crazy.

It wasn't go go go... well, it was a little, but I had some breathing time.

The thing is, I like consistency.

I like to have a schedule that is constant. If it's an all day thing, a part-time thing, whatever. I like being able to get a system together. This week did not fall into that category, at all!

Yesterday, I got up and managed to get a short jog in, then I had Kenpo class... my first class since last Thursday... MUCH needed!! and that was followed by the last night of Super Skills Football camp. Can I just add that we had tornado AND flash flood warnings while I was at camp. lol. Gotta love New England weather.

So at the end of camp, I was pretty ravenous. I was heading home and all I wanted to do was stop and get a damn Whopper!!! I got home and grabbed the grape and pear tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and rotisserie chicken we had in the fridge and the artichoke hearts from the cabinet and went to town.

I sliced the mushrooms, quartered the tomatoes, minced the garlic, chopped the chicken and heated up the pan.

Ok - 2 tsp of olive oil and the garlic went into the pan until it was golden, then I tossed in the mushrooms. I let them saute a little before throwing in the tomatoes and artichokes. After these were all wilted appropriately, I tossed in the chicken and seasoned with some salt and pepper. It still wasn't where I wanted it to be. I need FLAVOR!

I searched the fridge and found the Kikoman Teriyaki Marinade... Yay! Love this stuff. Back in the day before I knew my Chef Hubby and ate whatever the hell I wanted - all the while gaining more and more weight... I used to love to make some pasta elbows and toss it in the marinade. hehe :)

Yeah, that wasn't the healthiest time in my life, but thankfully after being together for 12 years, I've been able to spread my culinary wings. This was super yummy and I will definitely be making it again. The best part is the chicken and oil were the only things that even "cost" points for the this meal.

Have you been able to grab and cook any fun and yummy meals lately??

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hehe... headed down to the treadmill. I'm going to try to just do a slow steady run. It's so much easier for me to do interval training on the treadmill. That way it doesn't get boring.

I went downstairs and started to run on the treadmill. For the first minute I had it at 4.7mph but that was too slow and a little painful. So I bumped it up to 5.0 and I was doing great. At about 23mins into the run my daughter came downstairs with her cars. 

I knew this wasn't going to be good. I wear headphones and try to tune out everything. 

BTW... I have no idea how people can just run a consistent tempo on the treadmills for an hour or so. I get soooo bored. I kept asking myself "Am I having problems breathing?" "Are my legs starting to feel weak?". Nope to both... ok, let's keep moving.

But then she started asking me questions. She was talking to me about cars. I snapped a little. Then she told me that she was going to go upstairs and get dressed. Then she came back down one more time to tell me something. I don't know what it was. I just knew that the running was over. 

I tried to walk for a couple of minutes to recover, but my focus was gone and suddenly my legs felt like jelly. I'm so frustrated. I made it 26mins. That's almost 2.5 miles without stopping... without even walking! I wanted to make it to 40mins. 

I think tomorrow will be a good day for another run. I'll be doing intervals though. I like doing the intervals because I get to change the pace and only focus for 30secs - 3mins. 

How do you maintain focus on a run???

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

That moment When...

I decided that I was going to try to save my extra points this week. I figured it would be easy today since I wasn't feeling well earlier and had to still the Football camp tonight. That is key since then I'm too busy to snack or anything.

Well, on my way home I felt like I wanted to get something as a treat. Hell, I wanted a damn Whopper, but I figured I would settle for a Frozen Mocha Madness.

Yeah, I drank that whole thing. The entire time I was wondering how bad it was for me. I was figuring 8 or 9pts. I mean, I got the small.


That freaking drink cost me 19pts!!! That's more than half my daily points.

This was not cool. I could have had a Whopper for less than that WITH mayonnaise!!

I was pissed off.

Oh well, live and learn, right??

Gonna work that much harder tomorrow.

Weigh-In Day Today... week 3

Down 2 more lbs!!

That makes minus 7.6lbs in 3 weeks.

I'm a little bummed cuz I know I can do better, but I think that at least it's consistent, so I'll take it.

I have been slacking a little each week as far as eating. Not all of the time, but every now and then I just go for it. I thinks it's better this way since I haven't felt deprived and I'm still losing. It's maintainable this way.

Ok - Well, I'm going to try to lighten up a version of Banana Cream Cheese Bread. I found a recipe the other day and had it bookmarked... or so I thought :( I can't find it again. Hate it when the happens.

If this goes well, I will be sure to post it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The scale and I are not seeing things quite the same way lately.

For the past couple of weeks I keep working harder and eating better and the stupid thing won't change the number!!

I have this little voice in my head that just wants to say "screw it". I want to stop tracking and just eat whatever the hell I want again.


I know that within a few months I was able to gain 30lbs with that philosophy though...
                                                                                                    so it isn't really an option.

I have to remember that as long as I continue on this path, I will reach my goal.
               It will once again be gratifying and I will be an example to my girls, my students, and my athletes.

I'm going to get in a workout now before the motivation is gone.

I need to keep moving!

Weigh-in is tomorrow...
                       Thinking light thoughts...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

photo by Umfridus

I've been trying to take my weight loss one step at a time this time. I don't know what my problem has been over the past 2 years. When I first started losing weight, it was a struggle on my own. I managed to lose 10lbs before joining Weight Watchers with my mom. I joined the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and by the time I found out that I was pregnant in the beginning of April, I had lost 30lbs.

I tried to maintain my healthy eating habits during my pregnancy and somehow returned to WW within after giving birth having only gained 11lbs! I was sooo proud of myself and managed to keep the weight loss going. At about 165lbs, I signed up for a personal trainer. It was sooo expensive, but it helped a LOT because it got my butt to the gym. I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted, but I kept getting smaller.

I kept wanting to hit the 153lb mark. That would have marked 70lbs gone! I kept going to the meetings. I kept trying to find "lighter" weigh in clothes. No matter what I did... working harder, eating better, not drinking or eating ANYTHING before my weigh-ins at 10am... nothing helped. I couldn't reach that stupid milestone.

It was so frustrating and at one point, I just said "SCREW IT!"

Well, that was about 2yrs ago and I finally feel like I'm on the right path again.

At my weigh-in Wednesday, I was 179.8lbs. Yes, that it 27 lbs more than I was 2yrs, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's still 43lbs less than where I started.

The first week back on program I lost 5.8lbs and last week I gained .2. I was frustrated again, but I'm still going. I'm increasing my activity. Improving my eating and tracking everything... no matter how many scary points it is.

I have to stay focused and remember that it's a lifestyle change. There will be ups and downs. There will be unexpected circumstances and stress and food... oh, how I love food!!!

But I will continue to try to make foods that are super yummy, but not so bad. Heck, maybe hubby and I will finally write that cookbook we've been talking about. I wonder if anyone would buy it :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Workout

Today I was able to do the conditioning for the high school athletes again. I love doing it... it's so much fun! they are energetic and ready to push themselves.

LMAO... ok, so they are great kids who want to get bigger, faster, stronger. Especially, if they can find a shortcut to doing it :)

They came in today and had to do a few laps, then agility ladder stuff before we did some dynamic stretching. Then we went right into a circuit. They were less than fond of some of the exercises, but suffered through each one. We finished with some relay races, cool down laps and stretching.

Now, the thing I thought was funny was that because they kept asking me what each exercise was, or what the proper form was, or I just decided to demonstrate a particular form because they were doing it so poorly... I actually earned 33% of daily goal just coaching! woohoo!

This is something I love to do. This is sooo not work and yet, I was building up my activity. Activity, that I never would have counted!

Then the girls and I did some school shopping. I was still not at 100% yet, so I decided to go on the treadmill before Kenpo. Thursdays are form nights so we don't usually get as much cardio. I hopped on expecting to jog a mile or mile and a half, but only a minute into it, I had to walk. It felt like my achilles was going to pull a chunk of my heel off!!

I usually would have been frustrated and gone upstairs, but instead I walked for 15mins.

The best part was that the girls had come downstairs with me and they continued to workout too! They used the elliptical, the mini tramp, and the punching bag... complete with the gloves! It was awesome!We did a family workout. They were able to use the machine. They started lifting the 2lb weights and I was so proud.

This might actually be the start of a new routine!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wicked Bummed!!

Weigh-in day today... dun dun dun... yeah. I gained .2lbs :(

Now one of my BFFs tried cheering me up by saying that's pretty much what I would have lost if I peed, and that I maintained which is still an accomplishment.

I get it. I do. I maintained... even after a HUGE chip binge Friday night with cowboy food, cookies and a few Miller Lite Ultra Cider's, BUT I also tracked EVERYTHING and I upped my workouts by a LOT.

It's just frustrating. I would have been happy if it had been -.2 even though it's the same thing... not much of a change.

Henry told me to be happy cuz last week was pretty much a gift. I have no idea how I lost 5.8lbs in my first week. NO idea what so ever. So I guess that i should still be happy that I'm down 5.6lbs after 2wks. I'm reassessing and making some more changes. I think I'm going to start painting the hallway again. It's something that needs to get done and I think that the up/down on the ladder will help a little. Besides my mom and Frank are on vacation and although some people don't think they'll even notice, I think it would be nice to have them come home to refreshing color on the walls of the drab hallway ;)

OK - Now, I have to figure out which green I want to use!! hehe