I know, I know. I said that I would get right back on the wagon on Monday.

THEN Monday came and it was Phoebe's birthday. Do you know where she wanted to eat?? Red Robin again. YUP! This is one of my favorite places ever and just last week I brought the kids there (it's about 20mins away, so we never go) and I avoided the fries, the onion rings, the burgers... hell, I didn't even eat the damn bread!!

So Monday, I had the Burnin' Love Burger. I was thinking how I could slim it down, but decided that I would get it the way it is, but with the spicy mayo on the side and then just eat half.

Uh huh... that was the plan.

Well, I ended up eating the whole thing, along with some fries. I was stuffed! Why the hell did I do that??

So instead, I ended up getting back on track yesterday. I stayed within my daily points and today has been a good day too.

Unfortunately, yesterday was not a good day for my back. I couldn't get it to feel better, so I didn't end up working out. Today, I woke up and couldn't walk. Actually, I had a VERY difficult time standing on one foot so I could get my shorts on before leaving my bedroom when I woke up. The pressure on my hip was INSANE!

I realized when I sat down that the pressure of the edge of the chair was causing a numbing pain down my leg... Hmmm... oh yeah... 6 yrs figuring out other people's injuries and it takes me 2 days to realize that it's not my back I need to stretch, but rather, my hamstrings and butt!! Way to go, Brainiac!

So I got the heat pack out and did some low back, butt, hamstring, and IT band stretches. I don't feel great, but at least now I can walk, sit, and even bend! I won't be going to MMA fitness tonight, but I think I will do an elliptical workout. All I really want to do it start running again!

I want to sign up for the Spooner 10K. I've never run that far in a race. Heck, I've never just RUN that far, period! Last summer when Elizabeth and I ran, we did a walk/run thing. Not that that's a bad thing. I REALLY want to run the New Bedford 1/2 Marathon this year, actually. I'm usually the medical personal for Water Station #6, but I want to run. I want to finish!!

This means that I have to really start behaving with the food. Kicking up my game with my workouts and just plain, staying active!

Today is a pool day so I'm hoping to "hang out" in the deep end and get some relief from the pain. Tomorrow is Kenpo and I should be getting my yellow belt! At least, I hope I'm getting my yellow belt. I wasn't totally on par Monday... ugh! I was starting to get sore.

Anyway, do you have any fitness goals for this year, this month, or whatever??


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