Family Workout

Today I was able to do the conditioning for the high school athletes again. I love doing it... it's so much fun! they are energetic and ready to push themselves.

LMAO... ok, so they are great kids who want to get bigger, faster, stronger. Especially, if they can find a shortcut to doing it :)

They came in today and had to do a few laps, then agility ladder stuff before we did some dynamic stretching. Then we went right into a circuit. They were less than fond of some of the exercises, but suffered through each one. We finished with some relay races, cool down laps and stretching.

Now, the thing I thought was funny was that because they kept asking me what each exercise was, or what the proper form was, or I just decided to demonstrate a particular form because they were doing it so poorly... I actually earned 33% of daily goal just coaching! woohoo!

This is something I love to do. This is sooo not work and yet, I was building up my activity. Activity, that I never would have counted!

Then the girls and I did some school shopping. I was still not at 100% yet, so I decided to go on the treadmill before Kenpo. Thursdays are form nights so we don't usually get as much cardio. I hopped on expecting to jog a mile or mile and a half, but only a minute into it, I had to walk. It felt like my achilles was going to pull a chunk of my heel off!!

I usually would have been frustrated and gone upstairs, but instead I walked for 15mins.

The best part was that the girls had come downstairs with me and they continued to workout too! They used the elliptical, the mini tramp, and the punching bag... complete with the gloves! It was awesome!We did a family workout. They were able to use the machine. They started lifting the 2lb weights and I was so proud.

This might actually be the start of a new routine!


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