Ooohhh the pain..

For the last couple of weeks I've been having some serious back pain. I went to one of my good friends, who is a chiropractor, to try to get some relief. It helped a little, but every time I workout I'm in pain.

The other day when we were done with MMA class, we were stretching and I could NOT get into the Cobra position. I just couldn't arch my back... it hurt too much! I couldn't understand how I could make it through this ridiculously insane workout, but I couldn't survive the stretch. I mean, I do actually know why.

It's because the muscles contracting and spasming actually help secure the injured area. It's only when you relax that the pain occurs. It's actually pretty common. BUT... that only makes sense when it happens to one of my athletes. Not me!

So I went and got an adjustment. I felt a little better and then I jogged. It made the pain come back full scale. I think it was also exacerbated by wearing my damn sling pack for the football camp. I have to get a NEW one... again! I couldn't wear the fanny or hip pack because it caused pain, and now the sling pack is bothering me. I need to find a backpack or something.

Anyway, yesterday I did an elliptical-treadmill cross training workout. I still had issues!! Damn... so today I decided to do a full elliptical workout. Then I was able to meet a friend and treaded water for a while. Its the end of the day and NO back pain!! We'll see how long this lasts.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I'm a little nervous. I really, really want to get under 175. It's completely doable... I think.

Holding my breathe!!


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