That moment When...

I decided that I was going to try to save my extra points this week. I figured it would be easy today since I wasn't feeling well earlier and had to still the Football camp tonight. That is key since then I'm too busy to snack or anything.

Well, on my way home I felt like I wanted to get something as a treat. Hell, I wanted a damn Whopper, but I figured I would settle for a Frozen Mocha Madness.

Yeah, I drank that whole thing. The entire time I was wondering how bad it was for me. I was figuring 8 or 9pts. I mean, I got the small.


That freaking drink cost me 19pts!!! That's more than half my daily points.

This was not cool. I could have had a Whopper for less than that WITH mayonnaise!!

I was pissed off.

Oh well, live and learn, right??

Gonna work that much harder tomorrow.


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