Feeling like a slug

Today marks day 3 of the pain killer/muscle relaxer regiment.


I'm still pretty confident that this is just a muscular thing. I only have pain when the meds run out because I've forgotten to take them during the day. Yesterday, I forgot to take one that you are supposed to have food with... yeah, not good!

I ran upstairs between classes, grabbed the tablet and chugged some water. Then I headed back down to the next class. Since this is the first week of school, we are still assigning lockers and giving out combinations. I was feeling fine... until I wasn't...

I all of a sudden got really, really hot. My head felt light. My ears started to feel almost blocked and my eyes started to twitch a little. It felt like the world was closing in. I started to lean against the lockers and continued what I was doing.

After giving the last student her locker information and helping another figure out how to open her's, I went into my office and started to chow down on some goldfish crackers. I thought I was feeling better so I headed back to the gym.

I realized almost immediately that I was probably going to drop. I saw one of my fellow teachers (there are 7 of us... yeah, it's a big school) and I told him I wasn't feeling very well. He jokingly said, "You gonna pass out". I said, "Yeah".

So I went back upstairs.

The pressure was building in my ears, the world was spinning and I was really nauseous. I knew I had to eat SOMETHING!! I grabbed the Chobani yogurt out of the fridge and after the first bite, I thought it was coming back... how the hell was I going to make it through this with some dignity??

I ate the yogurt and sat down with my head on the desk. Thank God it's only the first week and we aren't actually doing the curriculum yet. I almost feel asleep!

I was finally feeling better about an hour later and had to take the painkillers - over an hour late. I was sore. I just wanted to go home! I left school at the end of the day, picked up the kids and headed home. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my husband lately?? He's the best!

He won't let me do laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, or pretty much anything else. He's been watching the kids and letting me sleep... which he suggested I do :) I felt a lot better when I woke up and he even had dinner ready! A steak with some greek style risotto and broccoli. Very cool! Very yummy!!

I have 10 more days left of the meds and can't wait to get back to Kenpo and MMA. Hopefully the back pain will be gone and won't return as long as I continue with my stretches, foam roller, hydration, and proper nutrition.

Anyway, at this point, this is what my bedside table looks like... yeah, I'm hurting :)


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