Looking Forward to my Routine

This summer has been one of the most hectic, sporadic, and fun summers in recent history. We have flown to Florida, driven to Missouri, driven to Vermont, seen a musical, will be going to a concert, and one of my kiddos had a minor surgery. OH... and we had some construction inside the house before and between this all.

Boy, oh boy, I am getting excited about getting back to my routine.

I feel like every week, I get back into my system and then on the weekends it crumbles. My plan was to not gain this summer. By the end of the second BIG vacation, my plan was to stay under a 10lb gain. At least that means I didn't fail this summer.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and I'm making my big batch of overnight oats. I also grabbed a couple of pounds of pollock. This will be breaded and air fried tonight with some refreshing coleslaw. I add very thinly chopped apples to the coleslaw for a touch of sweetness and I love the texture of the crunch. I may also heat up some corn tortillas in my cast iron skillet, but we will see what the day brings before the meal.

My "Fried" Fish recipe is:

2lbs of raw fish - pollock, haddock, cod, hake (whatever you like)
GF flour in a shallow tray
Fat free half and half in a shallow tray
GF bread crumbs and seasoning in a shallow tray

Toss in my ProXL Air Fryer at 350deg for 15mins and it comes out crispy and moist!

I don't typically measure the flour, half and half and crumbs until after. So basically, I weigh the container and item at the beginning and the end. That tells me how much I actually used. I used to measure beforehand, but then I would either add more to the tray or have some left over. it's annoying.

Apple Coleslaw:
14oz pkg coleslaw mix or broccoli slaw
2 medium apples, diced
3/4 cup light mayo
1/4 sugar (I used Splenda)
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp sweet hot mustard (any mustard with some spice or tang will work)

Mix sugar and liquids together, then add the apples and slaw mix. Let set for at least 30mins before serving.

I am also planning out a menu for our portion of tailgate food. The whole tailgating thing scares me. I always start out with the best intentions and then after a few drinks I start indulging in all the things I said I wouldn't eat. With this is mind, I've devised a plan to stay on track, while still enjoying.

My game plan is some Roasted Garlic Country Mustard coated chicken satays and Roasted Red Pepper Pesto marinated Shrimp skewers. I might also make up some more of that amazing coleslaw, but we will see.

I grabbed the mustard while we were in Vermont with the intention of using it on some chicken. I also grabbed a Vermont Maple Country Mustard that I will be using on some pork. I can't wait to whip that up! Oh... maybe I will use the maple mustard in my coleslaw... hmmm... decisions, decisions!

Some other things I will be having this week to keep me on track are my ambrosia, olive tapenade hummus with veggies, and I figured out how to make a Lemon Zucchini Cake that's only 2sp per 1/8 a loaf. So that can be my sweet pleasure. lol

How is your summer going? Are you struggling with the change in seasons, the cookouts, and school starting? What are some tips you use to stay focused?


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