The past few weeks have been tough... Mentally.

I haven't felt like posting.

I mean,does anyone really want to read about a downward spiral?

After my follow up with neuro, I was recommended to go to physical therapy as a way to give me an outlet. I didn't want to go to the Spine program because the issues I'm having at this point actually have nothing to do with the original "spine injury". I'm dealing with getting strength and function back to my foot, ankle and lower leg. So I chose a physical therapist that I truly respect and admire.

I went to my physical therapy appointment on the 24th... 15 days after surgery. He was impressed that I was so functional and thought that I should probably have more apprehension than I do with movement. He was a little... Concerned, I think, that I was back at work already. I decided not to tell him that I'd been pitching for the whiffle ball games in class already too.

I was obeying all of the rules I was given... No bending, twisting, running,or jumping. No lifting more than 30lbs. I just tell the class that pretty much I'm a pitching machine and won't field the ball at all. We use foam balls with tape instead of the big plastic balls everyone pictures so if the ball gets it at me, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't hurt. I don't even really flinch.

At this point, I'm finally off all the meds and unless I do a lot of walking... Or, as I found out Friday, sit on the cold bleachers to watch a football game, I typically have a pretty normal walking gait. My foot and ankle still get tired and that's where I have pain, if any. Friday, my back was killing me because it felt like the entire thing was spasming after sitting for the halftime that we watched. I told Henry we needed to go home and the kids had their fill, so there were no arguments.

 I'm currently working on building up my strength, balance, and endurance. I'm looking forward to "being normal" again. I NEED to start working out soon. At least this is giving me something to focus on... 3.5wks down... 4 wks left til my next follow-up. If I get told that there's another delay, I might just snap though. Wish me luck!!


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