Almost there...

To get this started, I figured that I would include some pics for you to see where I'm coming from. The first photo, which was very difficult to find in our thousands of pics, is from Phoebe's 1st birthday party. Phoebe is now 4 yrs old and at this point, I can happily say that I've lost more weight than almost both of my kids combined!!!

It's actually a little weird looking at this photo because I can remember that day vividly. I remember the day I bought those shorts (a size 20) and thought, "Wow, I look pretty cute in these". Looking back, I can't understand how I could have possibly thought I was cute. It's actually scary how far I let myself go before pulling it together. So this was me...

When I developed those pictures, I was bummed and I knew I needed to do something to fix it. I started trying to eat a little healthier, and I joined the YMCA. In a few months I has lost 10 pounds but the difference was barely even noticable in my clothes.

My mom decided the week before Thanksgiving that she was going to join weight watchers. She only needed to lose 25 pounds, but she couldn't do it alone. As soon as she told me, I wanted to join!! I had been thinking about joining for a long time, but figured with my background (I'll fill you in in a minute) people would think I was crazy! I didn't care... I started the Tuesday after Thanksgiving 2005.

So there I was standing at the scale before my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was intimidating. I was proud of myself because I had already lost 10 pounds and now I was on my way to "looking hot"... lmao!! It was my turn, so I stepped on and waited... 213 pounds!! How the hell did that happen?!

Now, the history... I am a certified athletic trainer. No biggy, right? I mean all I have to do is evaluate injuries, treat and rehabilitate the injuries, educate the athletes regarding injury prevention, conditioning, and... nutrition. YES! That's the funny part! I would be sitting at my desk in a meeting with an athlete saying things like, "You can't be wasting your calories on Gatorade or simple sugars", while I had two mountain dews sitting on my desk near the sour cream and onion chips and footlong deli sub with ham, cheese, pickles and mayonnaise!!! Can you picture it?! Can you imagine what the kid was probably thinking?!?! I can!!

Then to add insult to injury (no pun intended), but I'm also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I get people fit! I get athletes strong! I can do... and I'm pretty darn good... lol! I can do it, for everyone but me!!

So, I've been at WW for almost 3 yrs now, with the exception of when I was pregnant for Payton, my 2 yr old daughter. They actually kick you out when you're pregnant, even if you have a doctor's note. I was so upset! I somehow managed to only gain 11 pounds though. I "rejoined" 11 days after I had her though, aren't you impressed? I was terrified to do it on my own.

This all brings me to today. The day that I decided I needed to keep motivating myself, and maybe help someone out there who's also hit a little plateau. I've been maintaining my current weight of about 158 pounds for almost 8 months now. I've done it mostly through the eating and decided that I needed some additional help.

Henry, my hubby, joined Workout World and as soon as I heard, I made him sign me up. Have you noticed that I have this thing about doing stuff for myself?! Well, I broke that pattern very shortly after joining. I actually signed up to work out with a personal trainer for 1 full year! This means that 2 times a week for 30 minutes, I officially pay someone to kick my butt!! It's awesome!!

There's a downside though. Now that I'm working out, I kind of started veering of the eating part and well, once again, I'm maintaining. I know it's because I stopped going to meetings every week. I don't have that accountability. Thankfully, though a very good friend of mine wanted to join and now I have a meeting buddy again! Thanks JP!!

This blog is help push me, and maybe you! Feel free to fill me in on your updates, challenges etc. I'm going to try to add some exercise tips, recipes, and all that fun stuff. But, as far as accountability goes, I figured I would include an updated photo. This is actually from this morning... at 158 pounds and in my little size 10 pants (well, little for me anyway!!)

BTW - my mom was horrified that I wanted to take the pic with my hat on, but hey, it's me!! I hope that you have a great weekend. I'm going to look through my recipes to what I have to share. Be sure to check back soon!


Allison Fouse said…
Nice work! You look great, and I'm sure you feel 100x better. =)
Anonymous said…
Hi Tee! You look great:) I am having a tough week myself.... lost about 2.8 lbs last week for a total of 7.4 lbs. BUT... I had cookies for lunch today, SO I have decided that I am going to have Thanksgiving and then get right back on track on Friday. I will have to go to a meeting in NJ because we are heading to my moms for the holiday. Let's look forward to next Saturday. I am going to try and get to 10 lbs lost by then. I guess I will have to have Brian hide the cookies again!! What a shame...LOL Happy Turkey Day :)Your Friend- JP
Michelle Sybert said…
Hi Tee, just checking in from your other blog...this is a great idea and you look great. I could use some motivation myself!

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