The Biggest Loser...

Ok, so I have to admit, this past week was not my best. Unfortunately, to top it off, I over slept and missed the weigh in at Weight Watchers. Oh man... but the scale at home says I gained about 1.4 pounds, so this week is going to be tough. I can't over indulge on Turkey day!

On that note, did anyone see The Biggest Loser tonight?! Was it at all shocking to anyone that Vicky voted for Amy? Of course not!!! Why the heck didn't she vote Vicky off last week when she had the chance? Some people just don't know how to play the game... by the way, Vicky doesn't either.

I am all about the game, but I think that the game includes something called Sportsmanship! I think that these days it's something that many people are forgetting. When the game is done, I want to be able to hold my head up high and tell my kids that I did my best. I would never want them to think that it's ok to bully or harrass another person, or even animal, for that matter!

OK, anyway, just wondering if anyone else noticed... lol!


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