The 99/100 Challenge! Still Going Strong!

We have been busy, but staying strong as far as our mileage. I have to say... Elizabeth is one strong Chick!  We went out for a run yesterday, knowing that we have a 5K on Sunday. That meant that no long run today or tomorrow, so she decided we were kicking ass. I totally agreed and mapped out a run that was 3.7miles. Hell, it's longer than we've ever done, so I figured "Why not".

Well... she knows we can do better.

I get paid lots of money to push other people through their potential. Pushing them past the hurt, and the whining, but I can't seem to make myself work that hard. BUMMER!!

BUT - I have Elizabeth :)  Yeah, we were running my "mapped route" and then she kicked it's ass to the curb and made us keep running! We ran 4.6miles (she ran 4.67 miles) Yes, I'll admit. I wimped out. I didn't know when we were going to finish and I thought I couldn't make it and I gave up. WHY!??! I have no idea.

I think too much!!

I totally had it in me. How do I know?? Because after we run, we always do a "Dunbar Dash". Basically, we walk back to the street we start at and run the .13 miles to the house. I was almost sprinting! That makes me so sad :(  

Why did I stop myself??

Why can't I push myself??

It makes me sad.

So for now, I am just going to run however long Elizabeth tells me I have to keep running and I'm not going to stop. We have that 5K on Sunday and the hill in the middle scares the crap out me, but we're going to do it! We are going to be strong and we are going to finish it.

I can't wait!!

Thanks Elizabeth!! I couldn't do this without you :)


* elizabeth * said…
Thank Jenny! She the one who got me going! LOL! You (we) are so much stronger than we realize. We are going to OWN that hill tomorrow! It's gonna be wicked pissa! and quitting for one TENTH of a mile is hardly shameworthy!! you are awesome.
-Tee- said…
Thanks Jenny!!! I can't wait til you are running with us too :) Hey, the more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned :)

Who else is in?? lmao
Jill said…
I can't wait to run with you at the end of the month... you and E are really kicking it! Don't let minor setbacks bother you, it happens to ALL of us. We just get back up and start again.

See you soon!

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