I've been having some issues with injuries lately. Elizabeth and I signed up for a 5K on July 17th. I was excited and terrified.

I HATE hills!!

There was a big hill in the middle of this race.

We started the run strong. We ran up the hill, and then we ran DOWN the hill... it was much bigger running down. I felt great!

The rest was flat and easy going. We were going to finish in 30mins or less!

We were a little under 20mins at the 2 mile and that was WITH the HILL... then...

I stepped down and felt my calf cramp up. I couldn't put my heel down!

It was a balled mess :(

Elizabeth ended up finishing on her own and I got to walk the rest. I didn't want. I cried a lot. I was so frustrated... annoyed... bummed... ANGRY!!

So I gave it a week's "rest".

We did some trail hikes and swam in the pond while we were camping, but no running. So Monday when we got back. We headed out to the same route... I was going to finish this time!

NOPE!!! WTF??!?! My other calf cramped up and I was in pain AGAIN... seriously??!

We tried to run again yesterday and my leg was NOT going to let that happen.

So this challenge is seriously becoming  a CHALLENGE and I'm the reason we are so far off our goal. Between gall bladder surgery/recovery and these stupid injuries, we've already lost almost 5.5wks!

Anyway, I am resting the area... feeling like crap and mentally preparing to seriously crush some pavement as soon as I feel better. Even if that means a short run in the morning and then a slightly longer run in the pm... we will finish this!

We started a goal of running the half marathon... and nothing is going to stop that!

So, wish us luck and watch us go. This isn't the end.


Jill said…
You can do it, Tee!! I've seen the fire in your eyes (and it was SO great to meet you!!)!!

Hope this week's run(s) are super strong.

I'll be cheering for you from NY.
-Tee- said…
Thanks so much!! It was awesome finally meeting you. Definitely have to run together at some point... maybe next time :)

I am hoping to be able to run by Wednesday. Going on the elliptical tonight to see how it feels to workout without impact first.

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