Working out!

Ok, so I haven't really been "working out" REALLY... just working an area of significant weakness.

A few weeks ago I got freaked out BIG time because I all of a sudden couldn't pick up my foot. It happened shortly after I covered a football game for a coworker and carried my medkit, sling pack, AED and stupid screwdriver... you know, the charged ones. Even though I use shears if I ever had an issue, but it was there, so I grabbed it.

Anyway, with the additional compression, I apparently compressed the nerve even more and suddenly I had Drop Foot. It's never a good thing btw. If left untreated, there can be permanent nerve damage. I was a little freaked out!

Well, since I was attempting to avoid any further medical involvement, mainly because I was in denial of my situation, I started trying to do some exercises. I was doing the alphabet with my toe... which was pretty humor since I couldn't move my foot up or out AT ALL!!! But I kept trying.

I started doing some myofascial release stuff on my lower leg using a lacrosse ball. I was still having pain and numbness and technically, I shouldn't be putting more pressure if I can't feel it, but what the hell do I have to lose?? I was trying to walk REALLY slowly to get a normal gait since the PT referral the doctor told me was scheduling still hasn't gone anywhere and I've been too busy lazy to call myself, since I actually work for the damn place, per diem anyway!

So, as I was saying... I started doing more exercises. Anytime I would sit down, I would "will" my foot to move! It wouldn't. I told the doctor, he was concerned and scheduled an appointment with a neurosurgeon. I got the call to confirm my "important, necessary appointment" for October 17th!?! Yeah, a month away!!!

I made a call... a friend who works there helped me cuz apparently, super doc didn't info Neuro I couldn't feel or move my damn foot! She informed Neuro guy and my appointment was moved to the 1st!! woohoo...

Now the kicker...

Either the meds, or the exercises and stretches and lacrosse ball worked! I can move my foot a little!!!

It's definitely not the same range of motion and I can't do ANYTHING against resistance, BUT that means I probably won't have permanent damage!! This is huge!! This is awesome!! This means I have to be really, really careful not to squish my damn disc again so this doesn't go away.

To tell you the truth. I still can't move it by the end of the night so I think I might still be doing too much at work but I can't help that. I can't reduce the walking, etc. I'm a damn Phys. Ed teacher! I wish the pain, burning and numbness in my foot and ankle would go away though... especially in the morning :(

I'm not a morning person anyway and lately, I have to admit... I've been a BEAR!! It hurts a LOT. Putting my shoe on in the morning is the worst part of my ENTIRE day. I mean, It hurts a LOT if I bend over. I can't bring my foot up and cross my leg. I refuse to ask my hubby to tie my shoe every morning... OH and then there's the whole thing about not being sure if it's tied too tight. That happened one day and I noticed like 3 hrs later which just caused more pain later. I'm a freaking mess!!

I think at this point, I just want to have the back pain back.

OK... maybe not.

I'm going to be positive. This could still be worse! I could not be able to work. I could not be to walk. I could have really, really big problems. I could not have the amazing people surrounding me. I mean seriously, my family and friends are amazing... I love them all... and it's not the drugs talking! Honest :)

I'm going to bed now. That's the second worst part of my day but I refuse to sleep in the recliner on the couch. good night!!


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