Oh, the pain!!

I consider myself a pretty tolerant person, as far as pain. OK... it's all relative, but you know what I mean. I was having the back pain and that was bad. It hurt to twist, move, run, etc. I went to the doctor and got the meds to relief that. I was hoping it was going to be muscular and that it would all be ok.

While I was working out I could feel the tightness in my IT Band and my butt. I thought that my SI Joint... where the hip meets up with the spine was irritated again since I'm running at almost 20lbs more than I ever was before. The pain was dull at first and continued to get worse. 

So this week I have been taking the steriod to reduce the inflammation and was told that by this time I should know if it's muscular or not. Guess what??

It's not! If it was the muscle, the pain would be relieving and I could potentially be running and returning to martial arts... but NO!!!  Instead of the annoying, burning pain of this...

Now I get to deal with this...

 Help, I have Sciatica!


See that dark line of pain down to the foot??? Yup, that may as well be a freaking knife!!! Especially right at my ankle and lateral compartment of the my lower leg!

Basically, this means that I get to call my doctor again and see what she says. The only thing I don't want... Physical Therapy.

Yeah, I've worked in a PT clinic. I've worked with people with these issues. I HATE trying to make time for this crap, for me! I have continued to add new stretches. I stopped foam rolling because it HURT!! I tried to stop taking all of the meds except for the steriods because I was told that I was required to finish those.

That lasted all of 2hrs yesterday... lol.

Wish me luck!!

I was supposed to be running my first 10K October 28th and I'm not ready to throw this plan away YET.

I've pretty much maintained my weight at this point, which is good because last week when I was taking the steriod 6,5, and 4 times are a day I gained almost 7lbs instantly! OMG... I was freaked out!!

Today I got onto the scale and it was 175.2 which is still 10+ lbs down from vacation last month :) I'm telling myself that I'm happy as long as I continue to maintain and lose slowly. I actually even bought these little salt and pepper shakers at Pier 1 a few weeks ago to keep me grounded. It's a tortoise and the hare... slow and steady wins the race, right?!?!

Keeping positive, keeping active and most importantly... eating yummy, healthy food. I mean, hell, at this point, it's just about the only thing I can control!


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