I know, this is getting old, but...

I keep focusing on the movement of my foot and I'm almost positive that at least one of the muscles is little to no work... like I can't feel contraction within the muscle when I try to move my foot. I was all excited because the numbness at the top of my foot and toes is decreased a little, but the numbness in the lateral compartment is present.

I can't wait to see the neurosurgeon!!!!

I can honestly say that I never, ever, EVER would have thought I would say those words. I also am a little annoyed with myself because I dragged this out longer than I had to ALREADY! I should have demanded an x-ray at the initial visit and THEN I SHOULDN'T have REFUSED the MRI on the second visit. By the 3rd visit, I thought I was improving but at least got the MRI ordered and then finally, the next visit I had them schedule the appoint with neuro... and supposedly Physical Therapy, but I haven't heard anything back from them about that.

I know this whole situation is boring the crap out of most people who visited before, and the numbers keep going down, but I have a couple of reasons to post this stuff...

1. It's cathartic... so I get it out and believe it or not, it helps my stress a little.
2. It helps me keep track of progress and changes.
3. It keeps people informed because soooo many people ask me how I'm doing and if things are getting better.

Today, I finally dealt with some housework that I've been putting off because it required bending. I just made sure to do a lunge (I can't really squat because it puts too much pressure on my back and with the lack of sensation on the right side, it's tough to balance anyway). Then I lifted a little and put it on the bed. Tried out, folded and sorted. They either went into my drawer, got bagged up for charity or went into a box for a little later when I lose a little more weight and they will be more flattering.

I haven't dealt with the kids clothes yet. That might be next weekend (or maybe throughout the week) I'll play by ear.

I have so much stuff to do and such little motivation to do it. I don't want to fall into a slump. I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to continue to do as much as I can. I am really, truly, trying to maintain as much normalcy (if that's how you spell it!!) as possible. You know, without being able to lift, bend, run, or move quickly! lol

Anyway, as I continue to tell myself. I am a very blessed person. My family and friends are amazing and I do not take that for granted... EVER!!


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