On my way...

Today I actually did a little activity!! Actually, yesterday I reached 125% of my daily activity, based on the Active Link for Weight Watchers.

This is AWESOME!!!

I mean, last week I actually stopped wearing the stupid thing because I was in so much pain I could barely get it to 50%.

That's a BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS improvement :)

I even got my yellow belt last night. That's me on the left...

We are like the three amigos... lol! Carolyn, in the middle is an advanced yellow belt now and Jen is a yellow belt along with me :) We are all on the PTO and are pretty much inseparable. It's cool. All of our daughters are friends... and husbands, and heck even our dogs get along. Can you beat that???

I think I need to be part of the BBC (the black belt club) just so that I can get to wear the cooler, way flattering black Gi... lol!! The only issue is that I'm not quite sure I want to learn how to handle the weapons. They seem big and awkward and a little intimidating. I don't know.

I was terrified to promote just because at the end of the ceremony the instructor (Lance Soares... in the middle of us, in the back) gets to kick you in the chest. The night before, it took me a good 10-20 mins to get off the floor after deciding to lay down and stretch out a little. So the thought of getting kicked in the chest, even if he did promise to just tap me, scared the daylights out of me!

Anyway, I got to show a few of my skills with the rest of the class... None of the kicks, which also eliminated many of the forms, but the punches and blocks were doable. I made sure to take ALL of the meds available to me prior, just in case :)

Today, I was the medical coverage for a high school football game and didn't have any increase in pain. I wore my slingpack to the front so that it wasn't forcing me into a susceptible position, but I was still wearing it for almost 3hrs, without increased pain... that's HUGE! See, big progress!!

I will be buying new running shoes this week and hopefully at least starting on the elliptical to get the intensity increased a little. We went for a walk with the kids and their scooters and bikes today for over an hour and it felt sooo good!!

I think that I'm on the up and up and I am excited about possibly signing up for a 10k for the end of October. If this whole thing is just muscular, as it appears at this point, I should be perfectly OK to pull it off!!

Wow, the jump back into activity is so much fun :)

Watch me go!


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