My Competitive Side

As I've mentioned... I've pretty competitive.

At this point, I'm not allowed to do much. I'm actually having increased pain because I walked around Target with my kids for an hour while pushing an empty carriage and then carried a 9pk of wet wipes up the stairs to the house. Yup, I'm going BACK to the doctor's AGAIN tomorrow and telling him I need to see a neuro specialist, no more bull shit. No more drugs!!!

I know. I'm going to upset some people with this post... sorry.

Anyway, my husband got his License to Carry a few months ago. I was supposed to go to the class and I decided to skip it because I didn't feel comfortable with the whole idea of having the gun in the house and potentially killing someone if they came in. I know, stupid, since if they are in my house I'm probably going to be the one to die...

Well, now we have a gun. Now, even though I haven't taken the class I still have the pressure of protecting my family if my husband isn't home.

Now, I want to take to the class. I want to get my own license and I want to be completely prepared. BUT... until then, I get to practice shooting. Henry joined the Shooting Range and he can take one person with him. That means I will be getting used to actually handling a gun. Thankfully he got a revolver. That means that nothing can be left in the chamber. I like that.

We've started discussing it with the kids, but as responsible gun owners, they have NO access to the equipment... even if they tried. We have friends who are police officers and one couple have a daughter who is a pro at what to do when there is a gun around... Don't touch it. Get away from it. Tell an adult immediately.

I've actually even picked out the gun that I want, because I'm not all that thrilled with the one Henry chose. I can't wait to go to the range. I told him I can out shoot him :) I'm really excited because it will give me a competitive outlet without causing any pain. Actually, right now, I don't even think excited is the right word. I'm downright giddy :)

Anyway, I'm setting up the goals that I need to discuss with my doctor. Until then, I actually have something to look forward to. Wish me luck!!


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