This week has been a challenge to get back into the WW routine. I went over my points this weekend and then officially went over my extra pts too. I started with the Active Link though, so I can't even check what my activity points would be because it "assesses" you for 7days. I know I've earned some though, so I'm not too stressed.

I'm still proud of myself though. I mean I was at a cookout for almost 6hrs and managed to have 15 chips (yes, I counted), a hamburger, a super mini cookie, a miller ultra light cider, a jell-o shot. Not too bad! I ate lunch before I went and had water, diet coke, and an iced coffee with splenda.

THEN, we went to cookout yesterday and they had courses! UGH!! First, there was the tortilla chips and salsa. Have I ever mentioned my addiction to all things chips. Not good. Sitting right next to the bowl **sigh**

Then they made homemade clam cakes.

Anyone around here knows that clam cakes are amazing! And they even made their own dipping sauce and it rocked. I had 1 1/2. I shouldn't have had the second one, but oh well.

Then there were cheeseburgers, salad and pasta salad. I used the smallest amount of dressing on the salad and I just now realized I could have saved 5 pts if I had just put the damn burger on the salad instead of the bun. Oh well. Just getting back into the game.

I also had cake and a scoop of ice cream. To be honest, since the cake wasn't chocolate, it wasn't even worth the points, but I ate the whole damn thing anyway.

Today, I'm back on the wagon and other than sneaking a chicken nugget (1pt) I've been really good. I'm going outside now to take care of the lawn. That should give me some points, before MMA and Kenpo. See, that's why I'm not stressing completely about going over. I just need to keep it up!

Have a great day :)


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