Thursday, July 26, 2012

So last night, we asked the kids where they wanted to go to eat...

Friendly's was the answer, right away.

This was the image that popped into my mind :)

Of course, if I want to continue to actually lose weight, I can't do something stupid like eating 5 scoops of ice cream with multiple toppings. That would blow everything I'd worked for over the past week.

So, I opened the menu with the thought of maintaining my level-headedness and this is what pops up at me...


What the hell was I thinking, letting them pick Friendly's??

I asked the waitress if they had nutritional info for the burgers. I didn't want one of the under 500 calories meals. They all looked, well, under 500 calories at a restaurant. It's kind of like wanting a cookie and getting one of those stupid vanilla wafer things.... it just doesn't cut it!

I ended up selecting the Swiss ‘n Mushroom Bacon Burger... Sautéed baby Portabella mushrooms, crispy bacon strips, melted Swiss cheese, and roasted red pepper garlic sauce piled on a Big Beef burger with lettuce, tomato and mayo. BUT I got it without the cheese (and they forgot to give me the bacon), with the sauce on the side. Oh, and I had them change it to a grilled chicken patty instead of the beef. That alone took about 160 calories off the sandwich.

I knew this because I requested the nutritional information. The waitress said no problem, but the manager had somewhat of a cow. She came out and asked me what I wanted the information for! Ummm... the food. Our waitress was awesome and she got almost a 50% tip... that's how AMAZING she was :)

I used not even a tsp of the sauce and I ended up putting the tomato and lettuce on top of the chicken and mushroom and ate it with a fork instead of eating the bun. I also opted to get the steamed broccoli instead of fries.

Now came the ice cream... I wanted to get the Jimmy Dandy pictured above, but that's just not realistic. Instead I opted for watermelon sherbet with a banana. It totally hit the spot. I love their sherbet, it's so creamy.

That means that so far this week, even with my BIG splurge of going to Friendly's I am only 4 pts into my weekly allowance. Not bad. Last week, I went over by 3pts and still managed to lose 5.8, so I'm hoping I can have at least 4lbs down this week :)

I'm going to be posting some of my recipes again soon.

What's your favorite swap??

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