Day 3 of seriously being committed again. This means that my ActiveLink from WW is still "assessing" me.


Sorry, I am an instant gratification person.

I can't wait to see what my activity levels look like. I can't wait to start seeing the scale change. I can NOT wait to see my body change!!

So this morning I woke up at 7:44... yeah, MMA starts at 8am. I had 2 choices... roll over and go back to sleep, because it's too late OR haul ass, get dressed, grab some water and RUN!

This time I am committed. If I skipped this class then I would have to do something else today. I would be copping out on myself. Which is exactly what go me to gain so much of my weight back already. I HAD to go. It wasn't an option.

The class was tough. I did horribly. I felt like I didn't have any energy to put into it, but I went. I worked as hard as I could at that point. I will be having a Dance Off with the kids today (they decided that wanted to play Mario yesterday so I did a bunch of housework instead).

 This image is stuck in my head...

Oh and this one... I actually look pregnant :(

I can't deal with this anymore. I can't teach kids that they need to move and eat better and not show it myself. I need to live the life that I'm trying to help others live. I want to feel better again!

I'm putting one foot in front of the other and pushing forward!


Jill said…
You're doing great, Tee! Keep going... you totally have the right mindset.

You'll have good days and bad, but the most important piece is that you keep trying. The good stuff will come! :)
-Tee- said…
Thanks Jill! It's harder this time, it seems. Once you're in the zone and lose it, it seems almost impossible to find the path again. ugghh!!!

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