Reasons to Continue...

OK, so I haven't been as good today. I'm still within my points, but it doesn't "really" count if I've only had 1 serving of fruits or veggies, right? So I decided that I need to remind myself why I am trying to lose these last 25 lbs... yes, only 25! I weighed myself today it said 157.8... yay!! Especially since last week I started at 162 point something. lol. It was so horrible, I can't even remember the tenths!

I didn't do anything drastic. I just started following my points again. I started drinking my water again. Heck I even managed to eat chinese food and 1 1/2 portugese egg rolls over the weekend... hehe. BUT, I made better choices. Instead of eating the kung pao chicken with fried rice, or the pork lo mein that I LOVE with the mega sized bowl of wonton soup. I ordered beef and broccoli with white rice and only had a half cup of rice, and then I splurged and had a shrimp egg roll. They totally rock! So I really didn't have to kill myself to make a better choice.

Anyway, today I cooked a LOT! A very dear friend had her baby this weekend and is supposed to be coming home tomorrow. I know how tough it is to settle into the new baby cycle and all that fun stuff associated with it, I figured I would make some dinners for her and her hubby. So this morning I was able to throw together 2 shepards pies, 3 chicken shepards pies, and 4 lasagnas... sounds like the partridge and a pear tree, doesn't it?! I'm also going to make a banana bread for them, but not just any banana bread. I am making the Banana Dream Muffins into a loaf... these are amazing! So I figure I can't steal a piece of the loaf, right??

With all of this temptation, I've been trying to tell myself why I want to lose the rest. It's tough. I go from the shallow... Wanting to look hot! To the deep... want to feel better, sleep better, etc. Figured if I made my list, it would help. What keeps you going?

  1. Fit in my size 8 cargo pants
  2. Look the part at work
  3. Prove to myself that it can be done, damn it!
  4. Not have to suck in my stomach for every pic
  5. Sleep better
  6. Run a 5K without walking
  7. Not feel so tired all of the time
  8. Feel sexy... lol - sorry, it's true!
  9. Teach my girls better eating habits
  10. Motivate more people to get in shape

That's my list. I know that there are a hell of lot more, but some are too petty to write. I hope that this help a little. Have a great new year!! So far, I am liking it!!


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