Achieving the goals

OK... so I posted my goals and although no one responded on my blog :o( I did have 2 people say that they shared my view in setting them and one actually wants to do the 5K with me... yay!! So that means that 1 friend and my mom want to do a 5K with me... hmmm.

Of course, with me, things aren't that easy, right?! Well, I'm thinking what if I can get a bunch of people together and walk/run, whatever, a 5K. OK... then what? Then maybe we can start raising money for the local food pantries!! Maybe I can ask people to sponsor us and maybe even make it a goal where if I run a certain time, they will give me more. hmmm

I'm just nervous that I will let people down. I am probably way over thinking these things, right? It could just be that we do the 5K and THEN decide if for the next one, we get people to sponsor us. Maybe I will work on just getting my friends to run with me... or walk. Whatever. As long as we drag our butts off the couches that they've been so comfortably plopped over the past few face numbingly cold weeks!!

Whatcha think?? Hope that you are on your way to a healthier you. This can be by parking a little further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or maybe as simple as eating a piece of pizza instead of the entire pie!! Whatever changes you are making to get just a little healthier... stick with it!! I'm trying like hell to do it too!


kathy said…
We're trying hard to stick to things here. Its been a lifetime battle for me to deal with weight. I have extra health concerns so I'm working on keeping those in the forefront when I make decisions. Setting a good example for the kids is a huge one for me.
-Tee- said…
Yay!! Good luck with that! I have a huge problem trying to get the kids to eat better. They want what they want... so I am slowly trying to transition to the the "healthier". I've also been dealing with weight my whole life, it's a constant struggle!

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