Holidays are over... almost

So you would think that after almost dying last night, I would smarten up and start eating the healthy stuff that I have stashed in the fridge, right? Ok, I didn't really almost die, but it felt like it. We went to my hubby's aunts' house last night for her annual New Years Day Party. She had homemade french meat pie, homemade chicken tenders, meatballs, cakes, cookies, and fudge... and I had at least a little of everything. Not cool!!

Anyway, all seemed well when we got home. Kids went to bed, we started to watch a movie. I fell asleep on the couch... BUT when I woke up to move to the bed I did not feel well. Figured I would just go to sleep and be better. NOT! To put it bluntly I was a Pepto-Bismo commercial and ended up having to sleep on the couch to get any relief.

This morning I had a coffee and 4 mini pancakes that were leftover from the kids. Not what I would call the best breakfast. Oh well. At least I feel like a human being again. Is anyone else struggling with getting it started? I haven't had this much trouble since I started Weight Watchers over 4 yrs ago. Gotta kick it into gear though... there's no way I'm going back to what I was. That is not an option.

Basically, I think that at the end of the night tomorrow. I am going to have hubby and the kids go through our "stashes" of holiday crap and start trashing it. I'm not the only one who needs to start getting fit. My kids love the healthy stuff too, it's just not half as tempting when it's sitting near chocolates or chips, right??

OK - this blog is going to keep me honest. So feel free to post your experiences. I am going to start being brutal about workouts, eating habits, and just plain, how I feel. Wish me luck!!


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