Worked out again this morning... but I have to admit, I stretched the doctor's recommendation just a little. I did the treadmill again - at 3.0 mph which never seems like anything, but hey, I'm moving, right?! While I do the treadmill, Elizabeth does the elliptical. We did this for 30mins. THEN we switched!!  Yup, I got on the elliptical for 15mins... woohoo!

I did NOT push it. I was going slow. I kept the ramp down. I held onto the stationary rails (we don't have the moving arms) and I felt it! Boy oh boy, we are dying to get back to running. We keep talking about it. I have my follow-up with the doctor in less than a week. I am wishing, and hoping, and thinking and praying that he will clear me!

I know, I know. it's only been 17days, but I feel perfectly fine. No pain. No digestive issues. No anything!! I am fine... hear that, Doc?? Let me RUN!

I am soo signing up for the Spooner 10K this year. I canNOT wait to complete my first 10K and then I will be conquering the New Bedford Half Marathon. Yes, I might die. BUT a girl needs a goal and 2 chubby chicks can do anything... lmao :)


* elizabeth * said…
these two chubby chicks are unstoppable! What time tomorrow?
Jill said…
Hey Tee, glad to see you're almost back in action. Take it slow, tho. Don't push too far, then get sidelined again. We miss you too much already. ;)

Thanks to you and E for starting this challenge... it's FUN!
-Tee- said…
Thanks Jill! I am trying not to push it, but to be honest... I keep "forgetting" that I have an "injury".

Seriously, I feel much better now than before the surgery. I've done enough stuff that I shouldn't have done that I'm hoping he feels I'm ready to go on Wednesday!

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