2 Weeks!

Tomorrow make 2 weeks following the surgery to remove my gallbladder. I feel good.

I thought I tore something the other day when I sneezed.

Now, I feel better.

BUT - now I have this stupid itchy rash... that the doctor says sounds unrelated to the surgery. YAY!

Man, oh man. I can't wait to run!!! I want to run and run and RUN!! I want to finish the 100 miles... hehe :)

I have a list of things to do this summer but I've decided that the biggest thing is to have fun!! I have to figure out how to stop eating the stupid things I've been eating!! UGH... I swear, I'm so excited that I'm not having pain anymore with food, that I've been trying EVERYTHING that used to cause pain. I mean, seriously, I have had Ben and Jerry's, mixed drinks, fried foods, whatever I feel like.

This is definitely not the way back to the healthy lifestyle I was aiming for. I've decided that I will be making small changes this week and gradually returning to the good life. Next week,  I will returning to my weekly WW meetings. Next week, I will hopefully be given the OK to start jogging. Next week, I should be able to start doing normal stuff again - even lifting more than 20lbs!! woohoo.

But RIGHT NOW... I have to stop eating like crap. It's something that I can do! It's an achievable goal. It's something that will improve the way I feel. The way I look. The way I experience life.

So why is it so hard??


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