Speed Bump

Yup, that's what we're calling it.

I had a little surgery yesterday. Nothing major... just had my gallbladder removed. Apparently, the procedure went well and I should be feeling better soon. BUT I was given the awful news of vigorous activity for 6wks. I talked the nurse down to 3-4wks based on pain, etc. But that still means we will be losing 21-28days from our 99 day challenge!

Thankfully, we kicked ass last week and managed to log 14miles in 7 days. If we get back into that rhythm when I'm cleared we should have no problem completing our "challenge"! It's just going to be more of a challenge.

So that gives you even more incentive to join us, right?? You can start now and let us know how your challenge is going. Remember we are doing this to help the Shepard's Pantry... we can't let them down! And heck, I'm not ready to let myself down.

We will be walking together. Plus I will be biking at home and Elizabeth will be jogging with a friend to keep up (but we aren't counting any miles until we can run together again). It's not too late to start!! Let us know how you doing :)

Right now, I'm under doctor's orders though... so nap time it is :)


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