First Week - 99/100 Summer Run Challenge

Today was day 7 in the 99/100 Summer Run Challenge. That's right... one week down and 92 days left to go before Labor Day. We worked our butts off and logged 14 miles this week. That's almost twice what is required to meet our goal, but with surgery, camping trips, and the general unknowns, we are trying to get pretty ahead of the game to ensure victory over this challenge!

Here's our running map for today. It was actually not that bad. Elizabeth mentioned while we were walking home, that I didn't even grunt once! lmao. Yes, I literally run and say stuff like "AAAaaahhh" and "Ggrrrr". It's better than swearing, or even worse... walking, right?

Part of this journey is funny to me because I make a living getting people into shape. I am an Athletic Trainer. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I am also OUT OF SHAPE!! I hate to have to say that.

I hate that I worked so hard with a personal trainer and got pretty darn fit... and abandoned it. Why? Because it was hard! So now, I am working to get strong again. I am working to get in shape, and be happy, and make a difference.

I am DONE!

I am done settling because it's easier. I am going to start proving to myself that I am worth it and I am going to get this done.

Ok - before I do all that, I will go settle down with hubby and watch some tv and go to bed. I have surgery on Tuesday and figure by Thursday I should be ready to at least walk again. I am not going to let this be another excuse to throw in the towel.

Who else is going to step up to our challenge?? Come on, there are 92 days left and even if you are starting from the beginning, that's only a little over a mile a day. It's an easy challenge. You can do it with your kids. You can bike, walk, jog, swim, rollerblade... whatever! Just get moving and let me know how it's going.

Good luck!


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