Speed Bump

I was doing so well, and then hit a little speed bump. All of a sudden my knee swelled up and I couldn't bend it. It also felt very unstable because of the swelling so I couldn't really run... BUT thanks to my Chiropractor friend... I am all better!! OK, not quite all better since I haven't actually seen him yet, but damn close!

That means that I will definitely be all set to run the 5K on Sunday :) I am soo excited!! Did you know that issues in your back can actually cause symptoms in your extremities (ie... legs, arms, hands, and feet)?? Well, I have to be honest... I did know this, but not to this extent.

I wasn't having ANY actual pain anywhere... not even in my knee where it was swollen. But he told me to stretch out and ice my low back (won't get into specific areas or directions) and seriously, almost instantly after applying some trigger point pressure on a spasm... knee effusion - GONE!!

It was like a freaking magic trick!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brian!! I so owe you... see you tomorrow morning for my adjustment :)


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