Getting There

Yesterday I did not feel like going to the gym... all this workout after pretty much being a slug for 4 months, is kicking my ass! But thankfully I have my workout partner now. I was supposed to meet her at the gym, so I HAD to go. Well, on my way back from dropping off the kids at school, I got a call saying she was going to have to wait til her hubby got back before she could go cuz the baby had a cold and can't go into Child Care... bummer :(

I had to make a choice. We're training for a 1/2 marathon and we are motivating each other, right? So if I stayed at home and text her and told her that I wasn't going in, does that give her a pass? maybe, right? I mean, at the end of the day with a sick baby do you want to leave when hubby comes home? Let me rephrase that... do you want to leave and go workout? probably not... now head over to Target, that sounds awesome (especially cuz we have a Starbucks in it... hehe)

Anyway, I headed over and I needed to make it count. I got on the treadmill and set the weight (yuck), the program, the level, the time... then I had to do the speed. I decided right then and there I was just running. No matter what. So 30 mins later I ran a little more than 2.5 miles. Longer than I've ever run before. I was soo excited!! And I gotta tell you, it's because my partner :) I am sooo glad that she asked if I minded having a training partner!

On the other side of things, I've been eating sooo much better this week. Back on Weight Watchers and hoping to get down to the goal weight this time. I am 29 lbs over goal, but heck I've already dropped 61 so its about time to just do it. I have to say that I am in LOVE with PB 2
For the past 2 workouts, I've come home to a ginormous bowl of oatmeal which I learned how to make by Hungry Girl. Here's the basic from HG and I'll tell you what I've done to it...

It's a serving of oats (1/2 cup) prepared with twice the recommended amount of liquid (1 cup water and 1 cup UVAB -Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze) and cooked on the stove for at least twice the suggested time (10 minutes or more). A packet or two of no-calorie sweetener, a dash of salt, and a drop of vanilla extract join this duo on a pretty regular basis

Now, what I've been doing since I need more flavor is I take the oatmeal, water, and almond breeze and cook it up, but I through in a Tbsp of PB2 chocolate peanut butter mixture and a tsp of sliced almonds and OMFG... it rocks!! Then yesterday, I decided to do the regular PB2 peanut butter and shopped apples. I am seriously in heaven!! Oh, did I mention this recipe yields 2 full cups of oatmeal?? Yes, so you aren't sitting there looking at 3/4 cup of oatmeal saying, oh yeah, this is a meal :(

Well, that's my new addiction... that and the egg white omlets filled with veggies and a hashbrown warmed without oil! Getting a filling breakfast for virtually no points... it's awesome :)

OK... heading out now... gotta go make breakfast!


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