My week

I weighed in today and I only lost 1.2lbs :o(

I know. I know. It's a loss. I should celebrate. But I'm bummed. I seriously worked my ass off this and all I lost was 1 stinking pound!?! I guess that I could be gaining muscle, cuz I definitely feel "tighter", especially my core. I know I could have drank more water throughout the week. I know that my mom making a brunch, including homemade donuts, was not a huge help. BUT I counted everything I ate and I logged it, and I still stayed pretty darn close to my daily points.

After thinking about it, I think I might actually need to eat a little more. Yes, more. I don't know. It easy for me to tell someone else to eat more because of significantly increasing the amount of activity and seriously downsizing the portions I've become accustomed to, but in my head, for me, thats seems silly.

Oh well, another weigh in down, and at least a little loss, so I guess I just keep doing what I'm doing. I hit the gym this morning and went on the elliptical for 35mins. Then weight training for 30mins. Finally, walked with some friends for about 4.5 miles. Now I need to eat lunch and pick up the kids.

I have to focus on how my clothes fit... that will be my mantra for this week. Going to make a smoothie! Have a good one!


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