Big day

So 2 in days I will be weighing in at my WW meeting. The thing that makes this week different is that hopefully, for the first time in almost 12yrs I will be under 153 lbs. I am living by my t-shirt motto of "Training is the opposite of hoping" but I indulged on Saturday... pizza (2 large slices) and doritos... and 1 Pomegranite Smirnoff. Now the scale says I'm up, but I am hoping that it's just because of the sodium. **fingers crossed**

Today I worked out pretty hard on the stair stepper and then the elliptical. Right now I have some eggplant cooling on the stovetop. I made some crispy patties by marinading the eggplant in some balsamic vinegar, and coated it with ground and seasoned fiber one. I seared it in a pam sprayed skillet and finished it up in the oven at 400 degrees. I cannot wait to bite in!!

I am starting to countdown to my first 5k too! So, as of today, I have 27 days!! 26 training days left!!


-Tee- said…
Thanks!!! Gonna need it... getting nervous. Whacked my head and think I gave myself a concussion so I didn't get to work out today. Can't wait to weigh in and get it over with!

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