On the road to recovery

Yesterday was the big day!

I finally had the surgery... A partial laminectomy and partial discectomy. Fun stuff!

Now, I'm able to walk around and sleep without total and complete pain. I'm more excited about  the fact that I can move my foot, feel my leg, and not have the pain in my back, butt and thigh.

I was so excited about moving my foot normally, that I showed my husband...want to know what he said... "that's awesome! I'm so excited that you are getting better. All I've heard about for the past 2 months is your pain and lack of movement". So I started feeling bad and then he added "I think if I had to hear it for much longer I'd hang myself... I just needed to find some rope thick enough".

So, now I'm going to listen to the doctor, take my time and heal the way I need to! Btw...he made me pinky swear that I won't spar until after Christmas in kenpo class. Kinda sucks because I cannot wait to kick ass but I love him. I want to make sure that he's comfortable and I want to make sure that I don't have any other setbacks.

I get to walk and not do a whole hell of a lot more than that til my follow up next week. I'm just watching what I eat... Down to 166 now!! That's big since I was 186 when we got back from vacation in the middle of July... Oops!!

I can't wait to get back to running - I've bought my new Noosa Asics running sneakers :) and as soon as I return to kenpo and MMA I'll be going back into the Black Belt Club... Which means I'm working hard each week to improve my skills, knowledge, and forms. I even get to start working with weapons, which at first thought I was concerned about, but the more I think about it, the more excited I'm getting. I think I'm just super excited about working out! Coaching starts in December too... This year is going to rock!!!



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