Weight Loss Challenge

Doing it together! Now I'm on a mission... I'm up for the challenge :)  I am officially entering into a Weight Loss Challenge with some of the other parents at the kids school. We have approximately 100days til the end of the competition and I am going to win. hehe

Our Rules are simple. We weigh-in each week and send it our "secretary" who will be keeping track of our progress. We are using percentages to keep it fair and we're using measurements as well as weight. The men will be doing the percentage weight loss plus the percentage of loss on their waist size. The women will be doing the percentage of weight loss plus the average of the percentage of loss from both the hips and waist. Face, we've got junk in the trunk and that needs to be accounted for :)

So I started back at Weight Watchers at 163.6. I lost 2 lbs in the first week and now I have even more motivation to keep it going. I've been trying new foods to try to make sure I get in all of my Healthy Guidelines (ie, water, milk, lean protein, fruits and veggies, healthy oils, and exercise!) and not hit a rut. I'm still sooo excited that Hubby is joining me in the journey. We are both getting healthier and hopefully passing that attitude on to our kids.

On your mark. Get Set. Goo....


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