Once again

I've gotta to the point where I need to start doing something... AGAIN!! Why is it that I can't just keep going and maintain a healthy lifestyle like so many other people. Why is it that I feel so good and can't imagine myself not taking care of my mind and body and then all of a sudden I jump off and can't see how to get back on track??

I'm not in a good spot right now. I'm sooo proud of my hubby right now. He's begun his journey to get fit and in about 4 wks he's already lost almost 25lbs! Isn't that amazing?!? So if he's doing so well, how come in that same time have I lost 2lbs?

Yesterday, I worked out and I tracked for a full day. Today I started tracking again and I think I'm going to head down to the basement to jump on the elliptical soon. I have to just make the effort. I have to put me first - ok maybe second... right now I am making DESSERTS, of all things! I have to make a variety of desserts for my husbands campaign fundraiser tomorrow night. None of them will be points friendly... lol

OK- I'm signed up for a 5k in May and I am debating on signing up for the one in April. I need to do this. I need something to focus on. I need a reason!! ugh.

Is anyone else struggling??


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