Week 2

Today was the 2nd weigh-in at Weight Watchers and I'm down 2 lbs!! Yay :)

This is the first time that I'm doing WW with my hubby on board as well, and it's awesome! He gets it... he really really gets it :) Before if I wanted him to bring home "bad stuff" he would. Now he brings home something that's healthy but will get me by. Now don't think that I'm making him do all of the work. We are definitely doing this as team.

Some of the "treats" I've been going with this week...
1. cottage cheese with jell-o powder in it mixed with fresh strawberries
2. "fried" bananas - toss a chopped banana in a nonstick pan with cooking spray and cinnamon, then when it gets all soft and yummy, throw in about a tbsp maple syrup. Doesn't even matter what kind
3. Vegetable spring rolls from Market Basket... OMFG!! awesome isn't even the word
4. whole wheat pasta with a low calorie sauce made with love... added olives, peppers, garlic... yummy!
5. Frozen broccoli with cheddar - anything! Even mixed it with egg whites and peppers for an omelet.
6. Taco Meatloaf. Have a small slice but put it with a full salad and salsa can be the dressing.
7. Dannon light and fit yogurt. I love this stuff!
8. Biscotti!! I bought a box of these things. I got the "Decadent" kind... dark chocolate "cookie" with dark chocolate on the bottom and almonds. WOW - that's all I can say. Low in points and oh sooo worth it :)

I am going to make it to my goal weight this time!! Right now I am about 29 lbs away. Gonna get it done!


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