Short comings of the iPad!

I think I need to start posting on the computer because I can't post my Pinterest finds, etc from the iPad. I have so many fun pins to show off :)

I sat down with my kenpo instructor yesterday. And was happy to hear that I can still sit in on class with a notebook. It's not on the floor practicing skills, but its still learning the stuff! I can take notes and go home and figure it out nice and slow... Without any vigorous movement. Lol

Anyway, I'm taking this little stumble much better than the last time. I'm trying to stay positive. Now,  the eating portion of my plan is failing miserably, so that is my next serious act! I think I will wait til Monday though. To be honest, I can't wait til Wednesday cuz I'm going back to my weight watchers meeting :)

Ok... Preparing to get soaked today!! Try to stay dry... Wherever you are :)


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