I'm starting to hate the holidays!!

I got on the scale today and OMFG!!!! I am now over the 160 mark. This is the first time since August, which probably doesn't seem that long, but it is! I've been working so hard in the gym, but it seems that the more I work, the more I eat. That wouldn't be so bad if I were grabbed the carrots, grapes, etc... BUT when it's all those yummy pastries I told you about - it doesn't work!

So today I was blog surfing and found someone who had a weight tracker on their sidebar. I'm on a hunt to find one. I think it along with a bunch of signs all around my house reminding myself that I've worked too hard to let it go, will help. I hope!!

I doubt that I'm the only one suffering through the holidays, how are your's going? OK - going to get myself a tracker...


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