2 down...

This weekend was the second weigh-in for the Weight Loss Challenge. I'm a little bummed because I was in second place at the first weigh-in and now I'm not even in the top 3 :( We have one more month left and I need to kick it into gear. I think that I've started getting my eating back into check, but I think that I need to start going back to weight watchers.

I can't wait to start coaching again too!! March 18th is the first day of spring track... I'm so excited!!

I need to start being in control for my health, my confidence, myself!!

When I've lost weight in the past, I've felt better. I've carried myself taller. I've portrayed a more confidence me! I mean, seriously, I'm a coordinator for a damn Health Fair... What kind of oxymoron is that?!?!

Ok... Game on... BRING IT!!!


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