Hanging in for the holidays

I'm back at kenpo. I'm coaching track... Sort of... I actually "helping" which gives me some freedom to go to appointments and stuff, but then I have guilt about not being there to help the throwers. It's like mommy guilt with more kids! Lol

I have so pinterest inspirational things but can't figure out how to post them using the iPad, so my blog is still photo-free :(

I was all set to start tracking and losing weight again. Yes, even before the holidays, BUT my kenpo school is starting a 90day weight loss challenge on January 5th and as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows... The first 10 is by far the easiest to shed!! So I will be in a holding pattern until then.

I'm still working out and watching what I eat, but I'm not changing anything... Yet.

I actually can't wait to start running and dropping some pounds, but there's a $500 grand prize! I can't wait to see who my challengers are... Hahaha :)

Well, I've been trying to keep my head a hole and avoid the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT Friday, but I just want to state that my thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.


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