A few weeks back I was going through Facebook and Tony from The Anti-Jared blog stated that he thinks skinny is nothing but a picture. An image. If you look at a picture you think wow, she/he is really skinny. I wish I was skinny. You work hard and keep thinking, "Wow, I'm never going to be skinny". Then you gain some weight and find a picture of yourself. You look at the picture and think, "Holy crap! I was skinny!"

Well, I realized recently that I was skinny! Damn it!! I want to be skinny again... but mainly I want to feel the way I felt when I was that weight. Not the "I need to lose some more weight feeling". No! The "I feel good. I can do anything" feeling.

This is my picture of skinny and I know it's bigger than many people's "skinny", but it's mine!

The very first blog post I wrote...

Now I have to work 5 times harder to get back there! So annoyed at myself. Do I seriously like food that much more than being healthy?? Do you think it would be crazy to drag 3 kids to a Weight Watchers meeting?? lol


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