Back in Saddle... again...

I joined Weight Watchers... again.

Yup, apparently, even though I know what I need to do and how to do it, I still can't do it alone. Oh well. I guess as long as I know my limitations, I'm ok.

At this point, I am officially 3 days in and I've been doing very well sticking with it.

Yes... I know it's only been 3 days, but give me a little credit.

I am currently sucking on jelly beans. Well, one jelly bean at a time AND I only took out 6 because for 140calories you can have 30. I didn't want to waste that many calories (or Pts) so I opted for 6... and I'm sucking on each stupid little bean until it dissolves. LMAO!!

I also started coaching the "throwers" on the track team.

That includes the shotput and discus throwers. I have about 13 on a good day. They are a great group of kids! They are my kids... I get to whip them into shape, work on their technique and hopefully be a larger influence than just form. We'll see :)

I am going to jump on the recumbent bike that I bought and watch some TV. I am aiming for staying on it for an entire show. That thought is a little overwhelming for some reason. I'm pathetic. Oh well, gotta go. My show's about to start!


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