Holy struggle, Batman!!

Maybe this story is familiar...

You work hard to lose weight. You feel awesome about it and can't imagine yourself not working out, not eating healthy, and not taking care of yourself. I mean seriously... you feel great, why would you stop that, right??

Well, one day, you don't go to the gym and go out for a Girl's Night and you don't gain weight. Hmm... wow. How'd that happen??

So the next day you decide to stay at home and get some chores done. You lose track of time and randomly grab something to eat. It's not a big deal because you aren't going to do it all of the time, right??

So a month goes by and your gym bag is sitting on the floor in the same spot it's been all month. Your pants aren't fitting the way they used to but aren't tight yet. So you decide tomorrow you are going back.

A year later... you have no idea what the damn combo was for your lock. You haven't updated your playlists. You can't find your headphones anyway. You aren't even wearing those stupid jeans because they "shrunk" and sweats are faster to throw on in a rush - Thank God that leggings have become fashionable and only come in Small, Medium, and Large. With a long shirt, all flaws are hidden! Woohoo!!

Oh Shit... how the hell did this happen?? How did I go from losing 75 lbs and working out at least 12hrs a week to gaining 22lbs?!?

BTW - I remember being this weight on my way down and I felt AWESOME!! Now, I feel like a freaking whale... and don't even think of taking a pic without letting know so I can reposition my chin, or suck in my belly! UGH!

Yes, that's the deal right now. I am trying to get everything together again... getting on the wagon. Taking control! Gotta do it.


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