Wanna Cry...

I pretty much gave up about a year ago. Occasionally I would start watching what I ate and maybe do some running, but for the most part, I've been going through the motions.

I'm sooo frustrated with myself!!

I'm almost ashamed... ok, I AM ashamed!!

Why did I throw away all of my freaking hard work??

What was I thinking??


This morning I got on the scale. I looked down and I saw something frightening. I saw the number 170.0. 

A year ago... ok, closer to 15months ago, I saw 151.8. I remember that number. I was sooo proud of that number. That meant that I had worked hard, eaten well, and I felt awesome!! Not just because of the number, but because when you are working out and eating well, you end up sleeping better, feeling better about yourself, feeling better about life.

Right now, I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Girl. 

I HATE getting dressed! I HATE looking in the mirror. 

I feel like such a hypocrite when I tell my athletes about good nutrition and fueling their bodies. So today I need to change. I need to start making better decisions. I need to start moving more.

Today is the day! 

So, I have to go figure out what we will be having for lunch and dinner, because planning is the key! 

The 6 P's:
Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!!

I was almost going to say "Wish me luck", but I don't need luck. I NEED to work at this. 

I NEED to make ME a priority again! 

When I make myself a priority, everything else works better. So, once again - I'm pulling out the Nike Quote:

"Training is the Opposite of Hoping" 


Jill said…
You got this, Tee! I can feel your commitment all the way across our two states. You can do it!!

Sending good vibes of support your way!

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