The 99/100 Challenge!

Anyone up for a challenge?? Actually, in terms of challenges, this one is rather small.

There are 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and in that time me and Elizabeth will be running 100 miles. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm sure all you runners out there are thinking this is a pathetically small distance to complete in 99 days, right? Well, not for us! It works out to be a little more than a mile a day... 7.14miles per week actually. However, when you factor in jobs, kids, vacations, dogs, and well... just about anything else; getting out to run everyday is tough. I know, I feel better when I run and I know I like the results of toning my body, BUT seriously, it's just EASIER to do nothing!!

So we are going to be posting about our runs, distances, epiphanies (ummm... yeah), and maybe a little whining... but we're hoping that you might join us! So grab the link at top and post this challenge on your blog. In the end, we will be wrapping it all up Labor Day weekend with a 5K for our family and friends to help benefit a local food pantry... more details to come :)

I will set up a sidebar so we can all keep track of each others' progress, because seriously, isn't a lot more of a challenge/motivation when you aren't doing it alone??

Now, for those of you still hesitant about this challenge... you don't have to RUN! Heck, get the kids involved and walk to the park everyday. Break out the roller blades, scooters, or bikes. The idea is to get moving and you never know, maybe your friends have been looking for a reason to get up and going as well.

Good luck and let me know when you decide to join the challenge! We're starting tomorrow at 7am... who's in?!?


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